week 4 2015 [planner decoration]

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This week was an exciting planner week for me.  I discovered some awesome planner stickers from the etsy shop The Gifted Pepper.  I REALLY enjoyed using these stickers this week!  They're instant download printable and you just use a 3/4 circle punch to punch them out.  I purchased SEVERAL from her shop as they are around only .95!  I'm an instant gratification girl... I prefer instant download stickers.  Plus, the bonus with those is, you only pay once and you can print as many as you want to your hearts desire! ahah

I also used some great Heidi Swapp stamp sets I found at Michael's for less than $2 a set!  Great deal!  I used Versa Magic Chalk Ink in "Spring Pansy".

The tiny heart stickers are from a Valentine's sticker set from WalMart.  The die-cut I used is from the set pictured that I found at JoAnn for $1.  I also used a little bit of a sheet out of the Paper Pad that I found at JoAnn for $3 or $4.  I believe it was $3.  The page flag at the top of the picture is also from the JoAnn $1 paper craft section.  It comes in a set of 2 different patterns.

The sticky pad, the flag set, and the sticky flags are all from the Target One Spot.  The washi I used vary from Office Depot, JoAnn, and Walgreens.

I'm still struggling with all the space.  I'm doing better, but I really think this planner is just too big for me.  You might not see it for much longer.  I have a Limelife Planner on it's way to me, which I'm incredibly excited for.  Don't worry though, this wonderful Sugar Paper planner won't go to waste.  Jess' homework load this semester is much more demanding than previous semesters.  She was saying last night that she doesn't think her little Moleskine Planner [You can see hers in this post] is going to work much longer.  She needs more space.  I think she may take this lovely Sugar Paper planner and put it to use.

I used my Notes sticky from Target to list my FlyLady tasks for the week.  The clock stamp from Heidi Swapp notates my non-blog work schedule.  You can see more closely here the stickers I purchased from The Gifted Pepper.

Second half of the week looks pretty much like it usually does as far as my tasks and to-do's go.  Sunday Jess & I celebrated our 7 Year Anniversary!  So that definitely needed notated! ahah!  The Parenthood sticker, I made myself.

All in all I was pretty satisfied with this week's decoration.  My eye problems really screw up getting my washi in a straight line sometimes, so that annoys me.  But I can't do much about it ahah.  Stupid eye problems...

How was your week?  What were your favorite planning accessories this week?
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  1. so curious as to how you made that Parenthood sticker..!! Did you print it out? I'd like to make some for my fav tv shows ;)

    1. I just found the images I wanted to use and put them into a label template in a Word document. Printed them out! Easy peasy! <333


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