week 1 2015 [planner love]

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Let me start this new year of weekly planner love by saying, "HOLY MOLY THIS PLANNER HAS TONS OF SPACE!"  After using my Moleskine for all of 2014, this large Sugar Paper planner has me slightly overwhelmed!  There's sooo much space!  This week in particular was pretty bare though anyway because it was the last week of Christmas vacation so we didn't do much.  Lots of lounging around and watching Doctor Who was had, ahah!


Here's what I used and where it was from.  I'm really getting into using stamps in my planner to decorate with.  It's nice to have a reusable option.  If you don't have this gold ink you definitely need it.  It's beautiful.

Oh and I guess I forgot to list the gold alphabet stickers I used for "Happy New Year 2015" are from Target.


Now that I'm blogging for income, I spend A LOT of time in front of my computer.  My housework started suffering because of this.  I've decided for 2015 that I'm picking back up the FlyLady routine.  I sort of fell out of the habit of it because I didn't need it anymore.  Now that I have a lot to juggle and my time is very important, I'm getting back into it.  If you're unfamiliar with FlyLady check out her website.  I utilized the Target sticky dots to notate what FlyLady zone I'm in for the week and what date we did a full litter box change.  I used to use sticky dots all the time in my planner years ago for these exact purposes, and I'm going to pick that up again.  I know it's gross, but I've always used yellow sticky dots for litter box cleaning.  Yellow just seems fitting... ahah!


Since I have so much space in this planner for writing, I'm going to use it to also journal.  We had a tragic death of a family friend this week, so I wrote some things about that in here.  I blurred it for privacy reasons.  My family is very shaken up over this tragedy and it's been a rough week.

I've been toying around with possible color coding again like I used to baaack in the day.  I'm not sure I'm committed to it though.  Using different ink pen colors really looks messy to me.  That may change.  I'm not sure I can handle it.  I'm currently using black [everyone/general], red [my son], light blue [me], dark blue [Jess], && purple [cleaning].  All in the Pilot Frixion Clicker pens.

I'm still getting used to this planner and working on my overall organization for 2015.  I'm behind because we had Christmas, then took a trip to Houston, then other things came up.  Today is the first real day I've been able to sit down with no one home and do MY work.  I loved having everyone home for Christmas break, but I'm happy to be back in my normal routine.
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