What's In My Pencil Case [Updated]

Thursday, January 28, 2016

In 2014 I did a "What's In My Pencil Case" post.  I thought it was time to do an update.  Over a year is a lifetime in planner supply world, am I right?

I am currently using the Kipling 100 pen case in Platinum Metallic with the monkey "Claire".  I've been using for awhile now and I'm still very much in love with it.

In the top left I keep my Target One Spot pencils, highlighters, random gel pens, and my Faber-Castell PITT pen.  I use the pencils a lot actually and I keep several in there just in case I don't put one back.  They're cheap so I don't mind losing them if I take one out and forget about it.  On the right I finally took all my Staedtler Tripulus Fineliners out of the case they came in and added them to this.  I pretty much ONLY use the Fineliners in my planner.  So taking up room in the bottom section for the pen case of Fineliners didn't make sense.  Don't worry... I kept the original case too.

I utilize the inside of the pen case to hold random planner odds and ends that I might need for the week.  I take this case and my planner to work with me, so it's nice to have several other "on the go" planner supplies.  I will replenish this weekly after decorating my weekly layout.  I like to change out items that will match my current spread.

I keep page flags, post it notes, and a note pad that corresponds with my planner decoration for the week.  I'm already feeling Valentine's spreads [I know... it's not even February yet] so that's the theme in there currently.  I like having these for little notes and notations that might need added throughout the week.

I also keep an extra InkJoy in the bottom section.  My filofax has the twin to this InkJoy.  I like this pen for writing notes in my filofax, and it doesn't fit comfortably in the top section.  I also keep one of my Kate Spade binder clips in the bottom.  I always find myself needing a binder clip.  I don't like to use the erasers on my pencils because then they look ugly [it's a personal issue lol].  So I keep a full size Kate Spade eraser in my pencil case for when I need to erase things.  I also keep matching washi to the week's decorations.

Finally in the bottom I keep my little album of planner stickers.  I don't use a lot of planner stickers, but the ones I do fit into this little photo album.  I'm more of a stamper as you know, but sometimes you just need a sticker.  This little photo album fits perfectly in the bottom with my other accessories.  

I carry this Kipling in my work bag along with my Limelife Planner, my Domino A5, and my iPad.  It's the perfect combo for me to do my Blog and Etsy work when I'm away from my laptop.

I hope you enjoyed this update!  What do you use for your pen case?

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planner plans for 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

For nearly all of 2015, I used my spiral bound Limelife Planner.  I LOVE this planner!  I stuck with it for the entire year, and didn't have planner envy of anyone else at all.  I was so incredibly pleased with the quality of this planner.  It's beautiful, the paper quality is amazing, and it's sturdy!  It has held up a full year of being tossed into my bag, each page decorated with stickers and washi.  It's a full planner for sure!  The best part... My interchangeable covers haven't popped off on their own like a lot of people experience with their planner gets bulky.  I couldn't be more pleased with my planner of 2015.

[use EMILEESENTME for 15% off your $50 order at Limelife Planners]

Then.... Amazon had an amazing deal on a Filofax Patent Domino that I couldn't pass up.  My original plan was to use 2 planners this year.  I was going to cut and punch my MAMBI Happy Planner to fit into my Filofax.  I was going to use this planner for business, and use a new Limelife planner for personal.  I cut down one page of the MAMBI and I just didn't like how it fit in my Domino.  It wasn't going to work.  Then I tried printing my own pages to test out some layouts.  I tried a full time slot day on a page insert I found on PhiloFaxy.  I didn't hate this.  I did however hate my paper... I could get sturdier paper sure, but something was eating at me.  I knew this 2 planner business wasn't going to make me happy.  I really do prefer to have everything in one place.

I made myself some dividers from Target One Spot file folders.  I was very happy with how easy it was.  I can already tell that making dividers out of anything and everything is going to be an obsession.  I think I will really enjoy the Filofax ringed planner.  I'm going to enjoy being able to customize it.  I wasn't sure about the bright hot pink at first.  It was the only color the Amazon deal was available in.  It's really growing on me even though I'm more of a light pink girl.  I'm finding that I have A LOT of hot pink things that will coordinate with it perfectly.

I made a dashboard from the cover I purchased from Paper And Glam.  It's such a simple little motivator.  I like opening my planner and being reminded to put forth my best effort and work hard.  The dashboard was also super easy to make and I can see myself making a lot of those as well...

So my planner plans for 2016 is my Filofax Domino WITH *drum roll* Limelife Planner A5 inserts!  I will have the best of both worlds.  I will still have the planner quality I loved about my Limelife with new inserts and the newness of using a Filofax this year.  I'm very excited about this.  I think that using A5 inserts will be easier to decorate on camera because I won't have to fight with the coil.  I can do bulkier decorating if I want because I can just remove some months if it gets too big.  I was really struggling at the beginning of the month trying to figure out how to work in my new Filofax yet remain a loyal fan of Limelife Planners.  My new A5 inserts are on their way to me and I can't wait to show you my setup when they get here!

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Valentine Clip Collection [2016]

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I've been working super hard getting orders out lately.  I finally had a chance to create my 2016 Valentine Collection!  I enjoyed making it so much and I'm so proud of how they turned out!

♥Chocolate Heart
♥Hot Pink Bow
♥Sparkly Red Rose
♥Chocolate Donut with Sparkly Red Icing drizzled with Pink Icing
♥Valentine Frappuccino 

The whole set is listed at $20 and is available for a limited time!

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adorn your iPhone [January 2016]

Monday, January 11, 2016

This month I was inspired by the icy blue colors from Paper and Glam.  For those of you unfamiliar with Paper and Glam, it is a blog/shop/YouTube channel ran by the lovely Lisamarie.  Lisamarie has pretty much perfected the art of living seasonally.  She has developed a planner system that is all designed around living seasonally.  This month's color is a beautiful light blue that is indicative of a wintry month.  Since I follow Lisamarie and her "life-lists", this color was already my groove for the month.  So I knew when setting up my phone for January, this would be my color theme.

I chose the same image for both my lock screen and my home screen this month.  I wanted a simple transition visually when unlocking my phone.  January is a month full of plans, goals, and simplifying.  I brought those 3 aspects to my phone for January.

Once again, I left my icons as stock icons this month.  I have a to-do list a mile long of things I want to accomplish this month to set me up for a more productive year.  I chose to not spend too much time "prettifying" my home screen.  I brought the cute snowy wallpaper from the lock screen to my home screen as well.  I love the lighter shade of blue that my folders turned with this wallpaper.  Very very January!

My folders and apps are the same as last month.  I think I have my folders in a way that is most efficient for me at this time.  I like having my "EmileeSpeaks" folder for all my blog & etsy apps right on the main home page.  I did add the app "MailChimp".  I use MailChimp for my blog's monthly newsletter AND for my Clip Club members.  

My annual "What to expect this year..." blog post will be coming soon.  Like I previously mentioned, I've been working super hard prepping myself for the new year.  I'll explain more on that at a later time though.

This is year 3 for the "Adorn Your Phone" series.  I have big plans for this series this year as well.  Thanks for reading! 

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