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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


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As promised, this weeks planner post is featuring Jess's moleskine as well.  We have different styles, so I thought it'd be fun to show you hers as well.  She mainly uses hers for keeping track of her school work.  She's new to using a planner, && doesn't decorate at all.  She gets right down to business with her moleskine.


You can see that her moleskine has a different layout than mine.  Jess's has the weekly spread on one side [where she writes down her work schedules], && the other side has blank lined paper [where she keeps track of homework assignments].  She chose this moleskine over the turntable [mine] style since it allows more room for random writing.  Her moleskine is the 18 month Weekly Planner Large Black with Soft Cover.  It has an inside pocket && came with planning stickers.


Here's "Penelope" [week 38].  You've seen her many times.  She is the moleskine 18 month Turntable Weekly Planner Large Magenta with Hard Cover.  I have loved this style since I first saw it.  I tend to always go vertical with it, but you can turn it and use it horizontally.  Maybe I'll do that in a few weeks so you can see it that way.  If you look above on Friday it says "Jessica and Emilee's Day of Fun!"  It's a FRIENDS reference.  Anytime we schedule a full day to hang out and do something fun, I'll title it that.  We're obsessed with FRIENDS and CONSTANTLY make little references to it, nearly daily.  So what is this particular title in reference to...?


...Joey and Janice's Day of Fun!  Ahah!  Jess && I obviously don't hate each other... it all started one day because she was feeling down and overworked.  So I planned a whole day of FUN stuff to do, and said it was "Jessica & Emilee's Day of Fun!" [of course I said it exactly like Janice].  It stuck... I know it's nerdy, but that's us <333

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