Barkbox || January 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

January's box is our second Barkbox.  I had full intention of taking photos of our first box, but we were so excited and ripped into it immediately!  Miss Calliope has really enjoyed her Barkbox toys & treats all month long.  I know we're only 2 months in, but so far we're loving it!

Callie has a lot of toys.  She loves her toys.  She has a toy box in the living room and every morning she drags out every single one, and plays with every single one in little doggy circuit training hah.  Now I just need to train her to pick up her toys at the end of the day...  My living room looks like a toddler's playroom!

I decided to get a Barkbox subscription because with the money we were spending on trips to the local pet store, we might as well be getting a fun sub box with unique toys and treats.  I think the pricing is fair and so far completely worth it.

Let's jump in!

This month's box is travel themed.  Every month, the packaging in your box matches the theme.  Look at the custom tissue paper!  So cute.

This month's description:

Pack your bags! We're going traveling with this month's BarkBox. Whether you're schlepping to Kathmandu or shuffling to the kitchen, we've included everything your dog needs to trot the globe like a pro. Now the only question is: will your pup smile for their passport photo? Tasty treats are WAY better than the in-flight meal, and the tough chews and fun toys are perfect for making a long flight fly by. Just don’t forget your passport!
Each Pup in the Air box is thoughtfully curated with 5 items.

The regular subscription box comes with 2 toys, 2 treats, and a chew of some sort.  When I subscribed, I was gifted the additional premium toy add-on for free.  So you'll see 3 toys in our box. 

Dentists Say "Play Twice A Day" Toothpaste: You’ll both be grinning after tug of war with this toothpaste and brush-shaped toy. It has a stretchy give that will offer your dog’s toofers the tension they crave when it’s time to play.

Suitcase: Can we all agree flying would be so much better if we got to sit among dog passengers? With this toy designed to look like suitcase, we are one step closer to living in that perfect, perfect world. Until then, the durable ballistic nylon stitching means your K-9 co-pilot will be busy commandeering the precious cargo inside: a squeaker toy.

Squeakin' on a Jet Plane: This cushy toy is perfect for business or pleasure. Your dog can get to work shaking out a very bumpy ride, or, because it’s so plush, use the plane to dock a worn-out snout. And remember. Every time the aircraft squeaks, a pupper gets its wings!

Duck Chew: 7", Rawhide Free, 100% American made, great for teeth and gums

Snack Rings with Lamb & Cheddar: First class ingredients like real lamb and cheddar cheese make for one smooth sailing snack. These grain-free treats are shaped like mini circles so they’re easy to catch. The soft texture leads to a chewy bite, so they’ll keep your dog distracted as you get to the next stop.

Farm Fresh Chicken, Pea, Kale, & Quinoa: These dried jerky treats are GMO free and made with whole muscle USDA inspected chicken. If that isn’t feel-good enough, consider the additional ingredients of peas, quinoa and kale fresh from the farm. Your dog won’t even know how good he’s being during snack time. We won’t tell him if you won’t.

♥Crunchy Duck Chew: $3.00
♥Toothpaste toy: $8.00
♥Farm Fresh treats: $8.00
♥Snack Rings: $6.00
♥Jet Plane: $8.00
♥Suitcase: $10.00
Value =$43
Price of Box (w/6 month subscription) =$24.00

We'd LOVE to gift you your first box for FREE!  Just hop on over to Barkbox using my special link:

Callie and I also filmed an impromptu unboxing video on snapchat.  I uploaded it to YouTube and you can see it now...

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

I haven't been using my MO2Ps much in my spiral bound planner.  I have been doing my monthly planning in my filofax.  So I had these blank month pages and I wasn't sure what to do with them.  Then I decided I wanted to 'memory keep' on my month pages.

I went to a RHCP concert on the 14th and gathered some memorabilia to put together these pages.  I decided to film it when I sat down to create.  So I hope you enjoy!

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2017 || A New Year

Sunday, January 1, 2017

I love New Years Day...  I love new beginnings, goals, plans, and aspirations.  A new year sends us into reflection and self discovery.  Who are you?  Where are you?  Are you who you want to be, and where you want to be?  Have you lived the previous year being the best version of you?

Resolutions have long been the brunt of mockery.  The statistics for resolutions are somewhere around 80% failure.  Failure.  What a harsh word for self improvement.  Of course we don't reach every goal every year.  That's just how life works!  You learn more each year on what changes you need to make in your life to achieve your goals.  It's a process, Rome wasn't build in a day!

Goodbye 2016.

I don't recall making resolutions for 2016 and it was probably one of my most unproductive years.  2016 was stagnant and I allowed it to be.  I put so much focus on the 'hustle' that I was just asking myself to make excuses.  This morning while listening to podcasts I heard Gary Vaynerchuk tell his listeners to "suffocate excuses".  I wrote it down immediately.  Suffocate excuses.  What a powerful visual.  Those 2 words are going on the dashboard of my Filofax for 2017.  I'm ready to put 2016 behind me and move forward on a more positive path.  Balance is something I'm working on for 2017.  I tend to go all or nothing until I burn out and lose motivation to even breathe.

Hello 2017.

This morning while I enjoyed my coffee, I started making my lists.  My goals and plans.  Pure brain dump.  I have a pretty good start here on how I want 2017 to go.  Not just in my business life, but my personal life.  Which let's be real, as an entrepreneur there's a fine line between those two lives...

I'm not going to make a bullet list for you of what I want for 2017 (yet).  But basically the focus will be on balancing the weight of all my balloons.  Evenly distributing myself and my time.  For example, when my Etsy shop is hopping with orders, my blog and youtube get ignored.  When I have a lot going on with the blog, Etsy and Youtube get ignored.  I have a plan to make sure my time is more even across the board.  That's the goals for the 'work' me.  My personal goals are a little more stereotypical.  Make better choices for my health, get into the gym more, etc etc.  I'm also getting myself back into the Flylady routine for my housework.  I fell out of that habit last year and I felt the struggle from doing so.  For me, the Flylady cleaning routine/schedule just makes everything so streamlined and easier to keep up with.  Another focus for me personally this year which piggy-backs on Flylady is sticking to a morning & evening routine.  When I start my day off in an intentional way, things just go smoother.  I feel better and more productive.

I plan on sharing more details of all of this with you when I share my 2017 Filofax setup (coming this week).  You'll see how I'm using my Filofax to implement these changes in my life for the new year.

What are your plans for the new year?  Do you make goals and resolutions?  I'd love to hear about it!

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