week 47 [planner love]

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


This week was supah fun to decorate.  It was my birthday week, so I really went all out with homemade stickers [including a hello kitty Dalek!].  I've been pretty consistent in using my planner for both "home" & "blogging".  The left side of the pages is where I put blog specific tasks & reminders.  The right side is where I put life and home tasks & reminders.  This has been working really well.


I've added in the use of stamping this week with my planner.  I purchased some super cute planner related stamps at Michael's and have added that into my decorating routine.  You'll especially see this in the upcoming weeks.

My birthday was on Wednesday, && I had to work.  Blah.  I also felt HORRIBLE so that wasn't that much fun.  Sunday you'll see a page flag that says "Gotcha Day".  I was adopted, and my parents always celebrate the day they got to bring me home from the hospital.  So that's what "Gotcha Day" is, aha.  My dad took me out to dinner that night, so I did get some birthday celebration in.


click on images to enlarge

||What I Used||

Links to the printable flags && tear drops:

For the Dalek and the Happy Birthday sticker, I just searched the images, downloaded, scaled, and printed onto full sheet sticker paper.  Then I used my x-acto knife to cut them out with.

I used Hampton Art Alphabet Stamps
Heidi Swapp Stamp Set in Cherish from Michael's
Recollections Stamp Set [I seriously cannot find the name of this set anywhere]
StudioG pigment ink
Washi Tape from Office Depot

Ultra Fine Point Sharpie in Black
Pilot Frixion Clicker pen in Purple

Yesss... my decorating is starting to get more extensive which I originally wasn't going to do.  I just really enjoy this creative outlet weekly.  It definitely has more to do with a creative hobby than the "need" for a pretty planner.

||Don't Forget|| enter my Planner Giveaway!

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starbucks copycat green tea latte

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One of my favorite drinks from Starbucks is the Green Tea Latte.  I love it warm AND iced!  I set out on a quest to find a healthier && cheaper way to create this yummy drink at home.  I feel that I have finally mastered it, and I'm very excited to share it with you today!

Priority #1 was finding a good Matcha Powder.  I went with KissMe Organics "Organic Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Matcha Powder".  It is high quality && packed with Amino Acids && Antioxidants.  This product comes in a tin with a foil bag inside.  The tin it comes in is supah cute!  KissMe Organics Green Tea Matcha Powder comes in a 1oz size for $28.00.  That might seem a little pricey, but you only need a half a teaspoon so a little bit goes a looong way.  This product is highly concentrated.  It also comes with a 30 day return policy if you're unhappy with it.  Perfect!

||What You Will Need||

Milk of your choice [I used almond milk]
Green Tea Matcha Powder
Sweetener of your choice [I used Organic Raw Sugar]
Small bowl to mix the powder up with water

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of your matcha powder with a little bit of water in a small bowl.  This helps it mix more smoothly with your milk.  Less clumps.

Warm your milk in a microwave safe glass.  It takes about 1.5 minutes for my milk to reach my preferred temperature.  Please watch your milk while it's heating up, you don't want it to boil over!  Ew.

Once your milk is your desired temperature, add in the matcha/water mixture and stir until well blended.  You can now add sweetener to taste.  I honestly couldn't tell you how much I use.  I add a little at a time, stirring, tasting, adjusting as needed.  Today I used organic raw sugar, but any sweetener will work.  I have enjoyed this copycat drink with Agave and Organic Raw Sugar.  Most options you choose will probably be better for you than the syrup used at Starbucks ahah.


To enjoy this drink iced, don't heat up the milk && just pour it over ice.
For a frappuccino just blend with ice.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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sugar paper planner giveaway [plus goodies]

Monday, November 24, 2014

||This Giveaway is not sponsored, I purchased the products myself||

I'm super happy to be able to do this one for you. I have a lot of plans for 2015, and I hope you'll stick around to see them!  2015 will be bringing in some exciting changes for me, this blog, && all my social media.  In celebration of the direction EmileeSpeaks is going in, I am giving away a fun 2015 Sugar Paper planner with accessories!  

||The Prize||
You will be entering for a chance to win a 2015 Sugar Paper Planner, a pack of Christmas themed page flags, a 10 color ink multi-pen, Hello Kitty Christmas notepad, a 2 pack of stickies, 2 packs of my favorite labels, && as a bonus: 7 sheets of my favorite stickers of 2014!

I really fell in love with this planner.  I was lucky that my Target still had nearly every Sugar Paper Planner offered.  It was a haaard decision guys!  I chose 2 planners, one for myself & one for the giveaway.  Jess [who isn't into planners] even really liked this one.  I love the layout & the size of this planner.  It's beautiful and unique.  I know you will love it as much as I do!

Available only to those living in the US & that are 18 years of age or older.
Ends 12/5/14 & winner will be announced within 48hrs.
Winner has 48hrs to claim prize, or I will choose someone else.

||Enter Giveaway||
Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win this giveaway.  You will have the opportunity to get 12 entries!  Good luck! <333

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast

Friday, November 21, 2014

This week came & went in a flash!  It was my birthday week, which wasn't that exciting lol.  I worked on my birthday && had a very busy week.  No birthday festivities here... I guess that's what happens when you get older? Ahaha.

This week's 5 Fandom Friday we're bringing our favorite Characters to Thanksgiving dinner!  Which is a hilarious thought, if you really imagine all these different "people" in a room together.

||1} Empire Records Gang: I'm going to cheat a little here... I couldn't pick just one.  So I'm inviting the entire gang over for turkey dinner!  These people have great taste in music, and know how to have a good time.  They'd be a blast to have over!  I could legit end my list here.

||2} The 11th Doctor: I have a soft spot for the 9th Doctor, and the 10th Doctor tends to get all the love... but I really enjoy the 11th Doctor.  He's kind of douchy yet endearing && incredibly neurotic all at the same time.  He could bring Amy along too if he wanted!

||3} Sirius Black: Yeah... if you know anything about me, you'd know he'd be here.  I can't quite explain it, but he's my favorite Harry Potter character.  I love him.  [honorable mention: Snape & Dobby]  Okay guys only 5 is a hard choice.

||4} Ludo: ...because gentle giant beasts need love && lots of food!  He has always been my favorite Labyrinth character <333

||5} The Dude: You can't have a party without the dude.  Who doesn't want to hang out with the dude!?  Every get together needs to have that one zen guest.

Can you tell I like to have a good time at my "holiday" dinners? Aha!  I think this group would be top notch!  The Doctor might have a hard time letting loose, but I think if the dude gave him a drink we could get that party started!

November 21st:  Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast
November 28th:  Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For
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washi tape storage [budget friendly]

Thursday, November 20, 2014


It's no secret that my favorite place to purchase storage containers is the Dollar Tree.  I've had wonderful luck finding quality supah cheap storage aids there.  This year around Easter [Spring cleaning time], Dollar Tree had TONS of awesome storage containers.  Baskets, bins, drawers, etc etc.  I purchased a LOT.  I tend to buy up everything I can find in the light Tiffany Blue color when they have it.  That's a key tip when purchasing your storage from Dollar Tree.  Try to always stick to the same color, or the same color per room.  This creates uniform.  If you have a hodge podge of green, red, blue, purple, && pink bins everywhere, it will look junky.

Anyway, Dollar Tree had these 2 drawer bins at that time, and I literally purchased all they had available in "my" color.  I had NO idea what I was going to use them for at the time, but I knew I'd find a use.  I'm not normally going to encourage you to hoard items, but this is how I make sure all my storage matches... I buy it all up when they have it.


These units stand 4" high, 3.5" wide, and the length is 5".  They're small, cute, and veryyy useful for washi storage!  I can get about 2 rows deep of 4-5 washi rolls per row.  It depends on the size of your washi rolls.  I have lots of odd sizes.  Several large rolls, and a bunch of teeny tiny rolls [those are just tossed in an odds & ends drawer].  These little units were only $1!  In the picture above I have displayed 2 units.  There's 2 drawers per unit.  So you're getting 4 drawers for only $2!  I have about 10 of these guys, and a small washi collection.  I have room for lots of growth!  Since they're so small, they line up nicely on a shelf in your craft office or your craft desk.

Keep an eye out during high storage seasons: Spring Cleaning, New Year, Christmas, && Back to School.  Those are the best times to find new storage at the Dollar Tree.  ESPECIALLY Spring time!  They really went above & beyond this year.  One whole wall had sections of various bins/containers in different colors.  I took a picture actually because it was so beautiful ahah.  I think it was a snapchat though, I don't have it anymore.  However, I found this one online...

My Dollar Tree was less scarce but you get the idea!  Now image that to the right of this picture, there's reds & pinks.  And to the left of this picture, there's white, lighter blue, orange, yellow...  It was amazing.
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week 46 [planner love]

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I have a feeling that every week from now until the end of the year is going to be jam packed.  SO much to do!  I'm so incredibly behind on my knitting.  I've got to get that finished!  Ahhh nothing like the stress of the holidays...

Let's escape that for a bit && look at my week 46 spread!

I had this black, blue, && white elephant washi that didn't match ANYTHING else I had.  So I decided to make my own "stickers".  The rectangle elephant images are stickers I made myself.  Then I used the elephant washi && coordinating washi colors.  I also printed off some flags && teardrops I found on Pinterest:

Once again the gold labels from Dollar Tree made it into this week.  I also stuck with my Black Frixion && Ultra Fine Point Sharpie for writing.

Funny story: several times this week I had nightmares about elephants trying to kill me!  My planner worked its way into my dreams!  It wasn't pleasant... ahha

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5 Fandom Friday: Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without

Friday, November 14, 2014


Today's theme set by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick is right up my alley.  My phone is NEVER more than 2 feet away from me.  Yeah, that's probably a bad thing... but I don't care.  It's only a problem if I admit to it, right?  No?  Stop judging me... ahah.

||1} Pinterest: Serious addiction for me.  I'm always browsing Pinterest.  There's so much out there to discover!  I have 86 boards ranging from makeup to Doctor Who.

||2} Instagram: Another addiction of mine.  Okay we'll just assume from this point on that I'm highly addicted to everything on my phone...  I really enjoy seeing what people post on Instagram.  I'm not a selfie girl.  90% of the time I'm makeup-less && in pj's with my hair in a top knot.  Nobody needs to see that.  My true insta-porn is planner pics though...

||3} Google Play Music: My son & I are pretty huge musicophiles.  I mean seriously, look at the diversity in that "recently played" list up there ahah.  I pay for the Google Play Music subscription each month.  It's basically like Spotify, but we both like the layout of Google Play Music more than Spotify.  

||4} S-Note: This might not be fair to those of you without a Samsung Note device [Note phones, Note tablets, etc.] buuuut... I cannot live without my S-Note on my Note3.  It's legit a planner, bullet journal, && notebook all in one.  I am in my car waiting on people A LOT [dropping off && picking up].  Sometimes I don't like to drag out my pencil case & planner.  SO I have this on my phone.  I can jot down notes, brain dump, attach screenshots & photos, etc etc.  The functionality of S-Note is epic. 
*edited: to correct the availability of this app*

||5} cocoPPa: I can't list my favorite apps without mentioning cocoPPa.  I use this app for my monthly phone decoration posts: Adorn Your Android.  It's super easy to use, and makes changing up your wallpaper/icons a cinch.

November 14th:  Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without
November 21st:  Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast
November 28th:  Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

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free holiday planner printables

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I have created 4 holiday planner printables for my readers!  These are simple ready to print PDF files so you can get right to planning!

||December Calendar||
The December calendar is setup in Bullet Journal format, because that's what I use.  I made these in the style of what I prefer, since I'm using them as well ;)

||Gift Giving List||
Has 2 columns:  One for the receiver and one for the gift ideas.

||Meal Planner||
Has 3 columns:  One for the shopping list, one for the menu, and one for notes.

||Travel Checklist||
I created this one with myself specifically in mind.  We don't usually travel for Christmas, but we are this year.  We'll be taking a huge family trip to Houston TX.  I wanted to make sure I'm as organized as possible for this venture!

I wanted to keep the design of these simplistic so the focus is on actually planning instead of a busy design.  I've already put my holiday binder together && have started utilizing these printables.

Thank you again for all your support!  Please consider following me on social media!  I'd love to be friends!  I hope you enjoy your printables && have a successfully organized holiday season! <333

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christmas wish list of a planner nerd

Every year for Christmas I get money from my in-laws.  Some of that money usually goes toward planner && craft stuff.  I keep from splurging too much during the year on myself [#momproblems, am I right?], so I allow Christmas money to be 100% indulgent.  I found some SUPAH cute Kate Spade planner products at UrbanGirl [a small business, owned by women!] that I reeeeally want, along with other goodies.  
Here's myyy list:

I've seen lots of people use Kate Spade planners, and I've sat back incredibly jelly at how BEAUTIFUL they are.  I adore the signature white with gold polka dot pattern.  It's a spiral bound 17 month planner.
Again with the love for the white && gold polka dot pattern.  This beautiful pencil pouch includes 2 pencils, a ruler, eraser, and sharpener.  The embellishments on the pouch with the Kate Spade gold signature "spade" is bound to make you feel special.
I neeeeed this in my life!  Yes to EVERYTHING in this box!  I love the gold bow paperclips and push pins.  I love the labeled binder clips.  More pencils, eraser, and sharpener [keep this set at home, and the pencil pouch set for on the go].  WASHI and awesome ruled sticky notes.  All of it fits beautifully in a fancy clear acrylic tray for easy desk organization.  This set is truly perfection.
You guys know how much I love my stickies.  This set is adorable!  I love the color and the fonts.  The little gold embossing make these stickies stand out!
...because I want ALL THE STICKIES!  This set includes 3 different designs of 200 count sticky pads.  I can already see my planner decorated with the use of the speech bubble && numbered list stickies.
I knew I wanted this stamp the minute I saw it.  I really like rotating stamps && the set on this one is fabulous.  The rotating stamp has a set of 12 sayings...
This would be a perfect addition to my weekly planning.  Reminders, inspiration, and action phrases all in one.  Everyone needs this stamp set! Ahah.

I love penguins.  I love office supplies.  This is made for me!  I have several fun paperclips already, but I don't have penguins!  I need penguins...

The quote on this journal reads: "With Freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?"  I thought this journal would make the PERFECT gratitude journal for 2015.  It has 300 pages, 6 ribbon bookmarks [yes SIX!], and is a convenient size of 8"x5".  That quote alone will remind you to be grateful every single day.  Perfect gratitude journal.
...because every planner junkie deserves to have beautiful desk accessories!  This stapler is clear acrylic with a hint of gold.  Comes with staples! <33
Oh come on... if you're going to get the acrylic && gold stapler, you HAVE to get the matching tape dispenser!  These two would be beautiful paired together on any home office desk.  Holds a standard size roll of tape.

There ya have it!  My dream wish list!  I love every single item in this list equally && I want them all [please picture Veruca from Willy Wonka... ahah]!  Seriously though, these items are all beautiful and I'd love to have every single one of them in my home office <333

What's on your Christmas Wish List?

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