avastin day [pohs update]

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Today I will be receiving my Avastin shot for my POHS.  [I've obviously pre-written this post.]  Just wanted to remind you all that today is the day.  I may be absent for a little while, depending on how long it takes me to recover.  I tend to experience severe drowsiness && nausea for several days after my shots.  For my fellow POHS sufferers:  do you have the same experience with your Avastin shot?  I know my reaction to the shot is semi common, but I also know a lot of people have no reaction to it at all.

I will be doing a week by week update on the progress of my shot.  These have been very popular viewed posts in the past.  I want to offer support & info to other people with POHS.  There's not a lot out there for us.  

I've touched on myyy POHS before but I don't think I've fully talked about my condition.  My right eye has 100% central vision loss.  The scarring is too bad to come back from on it.  My left eye I'm working hard as hell to preserve.  It's the one I'm getting the shot in.  The POHS is active in that eye, and I'm doing everything I can to keep it from permanent vision loss.

Currently my vision in my right eye looks like this...

You can see that I have my peripheral vision && a slight spot in the middle that is clear.  Though that little spot provides no help in actually seeing anything.  This should give you a better idea of the severity of POHS, and obviously why I don't want my good eye to end up like this one.  I'd be severely vision impaired.  No longer would I be able to look directly at anything or anyone.  

Well there's a little bit of a peek into my syndrome.  For those of you that don't have POHS, this might help you understand a little bit more.  

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  1. I could see how difficult it must be to have no central vision and the importance of preserving the other eye. You show such positive outlook as evidenced by your posts. Inspiring. My daughter was born Deaf and we got her implanted with the cochlear implant. I knew nothing about deafness prior to it and it has been great to get educated on the matter. I love that you give so much information about your condition. Knowledge is great and so many of us are ignorant to things of this nature. Something else for me to learn. Thanks for sharing so openly. You are in my thoughts as you go through these shots.

    1. Thank you! That really means a lot to me <333 Best wishes to you && your daughter.


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