fall favorites

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I am totally, utterly, wholly, absolutely, perfectly, entirely, OBSESSED with fall.

I'm going to get on a little rant here [language warning]:
I am so incredibly sick of this "Basic Bitch" bullsh*t that is all over social media right now.  It has borderline ruined fall for me this year, and to be frank, that PISSES me off.  If you have been a long time follower of me on social media, or facebook... you KNOW that I have always been obsessed with fall.  I seriously THRIVE in the fall.  I hate hot weather with a burning passion, which sucks for me living in Kansas.  Humidity. Ew.  I have loved pumpkin "everything" since I was a small child [my mother made the most FANTASTIC pumpkin cake rolls].  I love fall weather, I love the smells in the air, I love Halloween, I love it all... So don't call me a basic bitch.  I'm not a "basic bitch" or a "it's trendy to love fall" bandwagon jumper.  I was born in the fall.  Fall and I have had a 32 year love affair, so keep your "basic bitch" sh*t to yourself. The end.

I love candles.  There is always a candle burning somewhere if I'm home.  I tend to gravitate towards B&BW candles because their fragrance is strong, and the price point is affordable.  Especially when you buy them on sale.  Fall candles are my favorite though.  I love spice scents.  This year I picked up "Leaves" [I ALWAYS buy several in this scent], "Sweater Weather", "Marshmallow Fireside", && "Fresh Balsam".


I usually drink my coffee black or with agave nectar because I drink sooo much coffee each day [4-6+ cups, yes I'm serious].  I don't need the added calories.  I make an exception in the fall when the stores bring out Pumpkin Spice creamers.  My FAVORITE is the Fat Free && Sugar Free International Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer.  This way I can enjoy it without the added sugar calories.  This particular bottle was free with a coupon.

I also love The Nightmare Before Christmas.  My parents purchased the movie for me in 1993 when I was 11 years old [man I'm getting old, aha!].  It was a favorite around our house.  My parents loved it as much as I did.  Every year from Halloween to Christmas, since I was 11, I watch it several times.  I love && hate that it's become so popular.  I love it because there's tons of merchandise available.  I hate it because now it's "trendy" to like it.  I bring out my Nightmare Before Christmas stuff in October and it stays until January.  The beauty of it is, it fits in with Halloween && Christmas so you can enjoy it for many many months.


I love spiced desserts in the fall.  However, I'm trying to cut back on sugar && calories, so I'm vaping my desserts!  My favorite vape juice is from Mt Baker Vapor, but they don't currently have a Pumpkin Spice juice [got that locally].  My favorite spicy dessert flavors from Mt Baker Vapor are "Dutch Apple Pie" and "Sticky Buns".  I also have "Candy Cane" shown because when it gets to the end of fall, I'll vape that flavor a lot.  
[If you're interested in Mt Baker Vapor, there's a coupon code in the sidebar]


Fall through Spring I take a LONG relaxing bath almost every night.  I enjoy it && the relaxation of it is crucial to my eye health.  Since I will hang out in the tub for so long [hour+] I like to bring in hot tea or a decaf coffee with me.  These are my favorite nighttime k-cups to enjoy in the tub.  I know tea has caffeine, but it doesn't affect me like coffee does.  The Chai k-cup && french vanilla cappuccino are available at Aldi.  The decaf Hazelnut is available anywhere that k-cups are sold.


I have a nail polish problem.  Seriously.  I have over 300 bottles.  My most favorite are dark shades though.  Since I have so many, I do tend to separate them into seasons so they all get used.  I love fall because that's when I bring out my darks.  The polish above is China Glaze "Some Like It Haute" which is a black sparkle && OPI "Siberian Nights" a purple so dark it looks black.  I pictured these two because they're what I'm currently wearing!  I have "Siberian Nights" on all 10 fingers, then "Some Like It Haute" on my ring && middle fingers.

This week has been warm again [mid 80s].  Ew.  However, it's supposed to cool down towards the end of the week.  All this "fall" talk has me so READY for cooler weather!  I want to live somewhere where it's like 50s-60s in the day and 30s-40s at night year round.  Perfection! Aha.

What are you favorite things about fall?  What's your favorite season?

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farewell captain

Monday, September 29, 2014


This week has been an emotional one for me. I have spent my entire adult life && most of my teen years with Derek Jeter as my favorite baseball player.  My mother was a Yankee's fan, so I was a Yankee's fan.  When she passed away, I kept the tradition of following the Yankee's every season.


This is something that I have passed onto my son.  That's him up there enjoying a ballpark hot dog at the Yankee's vs. Royal's game this summer.  Baseball is such a time honored tradition.  It's had it's ups and downs [but haven't we all?].  It makes me so sad to see stadiums barely full of fans.  We live about 2hrs away from the Royal's stadium, and we usually hit a couple games each summer.  I wish we lived closer so we could go more.  It's just hard with our work schedules.


The summer of 2013 we weren't able to catch Jeter when they were this way playing the Royal's because he was out on injury.  I was scared to death that I wouldn't get to see him this year either...  I HAD to see him again in his final season.  It was a must!


As you can see, I lucked out.  The Yankee's chose to play him against the Royal's the night we were there.  I have a friend that is a huge Yankee's fan as well.  She saw them play the Cardinal's this summer, and they didn't play Jeter.  She was devastated.  I felt incredibly lucky that they played him at my game.  I soaked up every minute knowing it was going to be the last time I got to see him play.  It was magical.


Derek Jeter played his final game with the Yankee's this week.  I've cried all week long as the countdown began and tributes to him were being posted on social media.  I cried in the middle of a restaurant telling Jess about how he received tribute in Boston this weekend.  That was a big deal [major rivalry there for those that don't know].  I've been a blubbery mess && continue to be a blubbery mess today.  It feels like the end of an era. And while I've followed most of his career without my mother, it feels like a piece of what we shared ended this weekend with his career...

Farewell my Captain.
#2 Forever.

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#girlboss [book review]

Sunday, September 28, 2014

At seventeen, Sophia Amoruso decided to forgo continuing education to pursue a life of hitchhiking, dumpster diving, and petty thievery. Now, at twenty-nine, she is the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Nasty Gal, a $100+ million e-tailer that draws A-list publicity and rabid fans for its leading-edge fashion and provocative online persona. Her story is extraordinary—and only part of the appeal of #GIRLBOSS.
This aspirational book doesn’t patronize young women the way many business experts do. Amoruso shows readers how to channel their passion and hard work, while keeping their insecurities from getting in the way. She offers straight talk about making your voice heard and doing meaningful work. -GoodReads

I think you'd have to live in a hole to never have seen this book.  It's made it's rounds on twitter, instagram, && pinterest.  Everyone has been proclaiming it's glory.  Plus, it's a super cute book and makes for some fab instagram photos.

I enjoyed this book for the most part.  I felt myself relating A LOT to the author.  I feel we have a lot of similarities [minus the teenage rebellion phase, I never really had that].  It was nice to see someone that can't "do" college turn out successful.  I've tried college several times with no success.  My brain doesn't work well in that environment.  I can't explain it, but college is just not my "thing".

Now I don't have delusions of grandeur.  I don't expect to fall into a multi-million dollar company like she did.  [Yes I know... she said it wasn't luck, but we all know timing and opportunity have to be there too.  It's NOT just about working hard.]  However, it did put a fire under my ass [so to speak].  It was a very inspirational read.  The basic summary of the book is: HUSTLE.

#Girlboss was a hilarious read.  A nice break from the previous books I read, aha!  I loved Sophia's tell it like it is attitude.  She's smart && assertive.  You can feel her passion and dedication for her company.

The only thing that I didn't care much for was the last few chapters.  They focused on resumes, interviewing, etc.  I don't see myself doing any of that in the near future.  I skimmed those pages, but I will definitely pick it back up if the need arrives.

Overall, I highly recommend this book.  There's no secrets within it's pages.  It's just a creative way of her drilling "WORK YOUR ASS OFF" into your head.  Though it was as simple as that, I enjoyed it immensely.
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glossybox harper's bazaar edition

Saturday, September 27, 2014


I enjoyed a free box courtesy of Glossybox.  
Affiliate links are used below.  All opinions are my own.

Glossybox was awesome and sent me the limited edition Harper's Bazaar box!  I have tried to keep my subscription boxes to a minimum && I don't currently subscribe to Glossybox [that's going to change, aha].

First thing I noticed was how beautiful the box is!  No really... it's "glossy" [imagine that].  I loved how luxurious the Glossybox box appeared to be.  Then I opened it and it's all wrapped up with a cute ribbon.  Glossybox gets a major A+ for packaging.


I was instantly excited when I untied that ribbon.  I LOVE when boxes give you a full size nail polish.  Essie is my go-to drugstore polish && I didn't have this shade.  I was also supah stoked to have the "they're Real!" mascara in my box!  I think I'm the only makeup addict on the planet that hasn't tried this mascara yet.  I have super long lashes naturally [and wear glasses] so adding length isn't something I need, && don't spend a lot of money on.  However, a part of me has always lusted after this mascara due to the rave reviews.

  • Vichy Liftactiv Night {wasn't impressed at first, seemed a little greasy but after awhile it soaked in nicely}
  • Benefit they're Real mascara {tried. loved. annoyed me all day because my lashes would hit my glasses every time I blinked}
  • Bvlgari Eau Parfume eau the blanc hair conditioner {haven't tried. smells lovely... but it's extremely fragrant. I'm scared to try this on my hair}
  • Essie Madison Ave Hue full size {beautiful pink. not really a fall color though, so I haven't used it yet}
  • OCC Lip Tar in Authentic {love love LOVE this! Beautiful bronzed copper shade that is perfect for fall}
Overall I was incredibly impressed with this box.  I am definitely subscribing!  You can too!  Just hop on over to Glossybox and sign up!  It's only $21 a month for a beautiful box of 5 products delivered to your door.  I don't know about you, but I love the excitement of getting my packages each month.  It's like Christmas every month! 

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favorite post of the week

Friday, September 26, 2014

I've recently came across some fantastic blogs && have had such a great time reading them.  They inspire me and have reignited my love for blogging.  For so long, I didn't read any other blogs.  Past blogs I followed either started doing sponsored posts so much that it lost creativity, or they gave up.  I was having a hard time enjoying any blog.  Now that I have found [and religiously follow] tons of wonderful blogs, I wanted to share them with you.  Maybe you don't read many blogs anymore for the same reasons I had, && need to be introduced to some fantastic bloggers.  I'm going to do this by sharing with you my favorite blog post I read each week.  

Jessica's post about her Chococat Cookies had me rolling!  It was so funny!  Plus, the cookies were absolutely adorable even if she didn't think so. With beautiful pictures taking you step by step through her adventure you can't help but fall in love with this post.  She called her cookies a fail, I say they were a win! I definitely couldn't have done better than she did.  

Be sure to check out Jessica at The Pyreflies!

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a blog, a playlist [september 2014]

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I pretty much listen to music 24/7.  If I'm blogging, there is most definitely music playing.  Whether I have headphones on, or music booming from the living room speakers, it's always on.  I thought it would be fun to do a monthly series sharing what my most played music while blogging was.  

I subscribe to Google Play Music [it's like Spotify Premium, but Google] && it's primarily what I use to listen to music.  I'm going to pick my 5 most played artists and/or songs of the month [I wanted to do 10, but since I'm embedding video I decided to keep it shorter].

My music taste is ALL OVER the place, so I'll warn you now aha.  I listen to old, new, rap, musicals..... It's veryyy diverse.  You never know what I'll be listening to from day to day.

[potential explicit lyrics warning]

||1} Banks- You Should Know Where I'm Coming From

||2} Amy Winehouse- You Know I'm No Good

||3} Fiona Apple- Not About Love

||4} Lana Del Rey- Young and Beautiful [Gatsby Soundtrack]

||5} Cyndi Lauper- Try A Little Tenderness

Okay so clearly I was channeling some "girl power" this month!  I absolutely adore Cyndi && was lucky enough to have the chance to see her live this summer with Cher.  I've been listening to a lot of Cyndi this month, focusing on her newer "bluesy" stuff.  Fiona is my spirit animal.  I'm not a huge Lana Del Rey fan, but I love that song.  My son introduced me to Banks && I've been listening to a lot of her lately.  Amy Winehouse's voice soothes me and I've loved that song since it was the theme song to...

Secret Diary of a Call Girl
[Staring Billie Piper... Rose Tyler from Doctor Who]

I was obsessed with this show.  Loved it.

What did you listen to this month?

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hers & hers moleskine planners

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Affiliate links used below.

As promised, this weeks planner post is featuring Jess's moleskine as well.  We have different styles, so I thought it'd be fun to show you hers as well.  She mainly uses hers for keeping track of her school work.  She's new to using a planner, && doesn't decorate at all.  She gets right down to business with her moleskine.


You can see that her moleskine has a different layout than mine.  Jess's has the weekly spread on one side [where she writes down her work schedules], && the other side has blank lined paper [where she keeps track of homework assignments].  She chose this moleskine over the turntable [mine] style since it allows more room for random writing.  Her moleskine is the 18 month Weekly Planner Large Black with Soft Cover.  It has an inside pocket && came with planning stickers.


Here's "Penelope" [week 38].  You've seen her many times.  She is the moleskine 18 month Turntable Weekly Planner Large Magenta with Hard Cover.  I have loved this style since I first saw it.  I tend to always go vertical with it, but you can turn it and use it horizontally.  Maybe I'll do that in a few weeks so you can see it that way.  If you look above on Friday it says "Jessica and Emilee's Day of Fun!"  It's a FRIENDS reference.  Anytime we schedule a full day to hang out and do something fun, I'll title it that.  We're obsessed with FRIENDS and CONSTANTLY make little references to it, nearly daily.  So what is this particular title in reference to...?


...Joey and Janice's Day of Fun!  Ahah!  Jess && I obviously don't hate each other... it all started one day because she was feeling down and overworked.  So I planned a whole day of FUN stuff to do, and said it was "Jessica & Emilee's Day of Fun!" [of course I said it exactly like Janice].  It stuck... I know it's nerdy, but that's us <333

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hello kitty planner haul

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Can I just say how much I LOVE the Target Dollar Spot?!  I swear there is no where else you can get DIRT CHEAP Hello Kitty stuff [...and Hello Kitty stuff is important to own, aha].  Yes, I'm 31 years old.  Yes, I'm turning 32 in November.  No, I don't care.  I love Hello Kitty.  I love ALL Kawaii things, especially Rilakkuma.  Hello Kitty is just more available in my little small town America.

Needless to say, whenever I see kawaii stuff, if I can find a purpose for it I buy it.  I tryyy really hard to not buy things "unnecessarily".  I don't need to be a hoarder!


The first thing I grabbed were these notepads.  They are magnetized on the back so you can put them on your fridge!  I'll probably put one on the fridge, && keep the other for lists to add to my planner.  P.S. How adorb is that damn bow?


Okay... THIS might fall under the unnecessary category I was JUST talking about... But come on.  It's too cute.  I LOVED these pencils when I was a kid.  You know, the push pencils that you take out the used up lead and shove it in the bottom?  They're cheap && pretty useless.  But I love them, so I purchased them.  It was only a dollar....


I loved these stickers!  They're scented!  I had Jess && Christian smell them.  They were both unimpressed, said it smelled like paper.  Lame.  I think they smell like Cherry... as much as stickers could smell like Cherry.  24 HK scented stickers? YES.


If I had to pick {1} office supply as my favorite, it'd be sticky notes... Obsessed.  Hello Kitty sticky notes, perfection.  By now if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you have realized I have an office supply addiction.  Jess will NOT go into any office supply store with me.  And if she sees me wandering towards the office supply part of a store, she veers off another direction. Or follows telling me "you don't need that..." Ew.

Funny story about this Target trip:  Jess isn't exactly a girly~girl type.  She doesn't understand my obsession with Kawaii, and often calls me a 12yo girl.  Ew.  Well this specific trip to Target, I came SPECIFICALLY to peruse the Dollar Spot section for planner stuff.  So literally the only thing we had in our cart was the stuff you see in this post [and Halloween planner stuff for another post later].  We get in line && I had to pee.  Like right then.  SO I'm like, "...uh you go ahead and do this, I'm going the bathroom".  She was not amused.  Ahah!  That's what she gets for teasing me... She has to purchase HK office supplies by HERSELF! HA! <333

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using color palettes for knitting

Monday, September 22, 2014

Have you ever started a new knitting project that required several colors && had the hardest time deciding on what shades to go with?  I have your solution...

I'm obsessed with color palettes, I seriously could pin them all day on Pinterest.  It's fun to see what mix of colors create the perfect palette.  Sometimes it's shades of colors you'd never expect to go together.  I have a whole board dedicated to color palettes on Pinterest.  

I have utilized these palettes for several projects already!  I mentioned HERE that I'm doing Christmas tree decorations for gifts.  Several people are getting theirs in the colors of their Alma Mater, but some people aren't as "gung ho" about their university [or haven't gone to college].  For those people I picked a beautiful color palette. 

This will come in handy for blankets, scarves, && anything else that uses several colors.  

Take a look at some of these beautiful options:

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dermalogica dynamic skin recovery [holy grail]

Sunday, September 21, 2014


I was sent this product by iFabbo for review.  All opinions are my own and post may contain affiliate links.

I was sent this product for review.  I'll be honest, I let it sit on my counter for a veryyy long time.  I'm not sure why, other than I was confused by it.  Was it a daily moisturizer?  Is it just a facial SPF?  It was summer [hot/humid/kansas] && the thought of putting an unknown lotion onto my face wasn't at the top of my list.  I fear moisturizers that heavily advertise an SPF in them.  I have oily acne prone skin, && usually SPFs are greasy...

Well my deadline loomed over my head and I knew if I didn't try it, I wouldn't be able to give a proper review [I like to try a product for 1-2 months before I review it].  I sat down at the computer and started researching this stuff.  Okay, so it IS a daily moisturizer with an SPF.  Got it.  So I pumped some out onto the back of myyy hand.  Hmm... I wasn't sure about it because it had THAT SPF lotion look to it [I know you know what I'm talking about].  I rubbed it into my skin.  It melted right in, and left no residue.

Okay here it goes... I woke up one morning and decided today was the day.  I washed my face, toned, then applied a pump onto my face.  I lightly patted it onto my skin.  This particular day I was running errands without makeup on.  So I went on my way.  To my surprise, my skin never got greasy that day.  

Right.  So no grease pan face, that's a plus!  But am I going to wake up in a week with a full face of pimples because my skin hated it?  Time will tell...  I continued to use the product daily for a month and I tell you what, I'm very impressed with Dermalogica DSR.  I never broke out [ah-mazing] && it moisturized without turning me into a grease pit.  I have a seriously hard time finding daily moisturizers that pass both the pimple && grease test.  Well I found one!

dermalogica spf50

  • medium weight
  • no artificial fragrance, colors, or parabens
  • long lasting hydration
  • blends smoothly into skin for a perfect finish
  • protects against UV light
  • helps control the triggers that lead to skin aging

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Confessions of a Blogger

Friday, September 19, 2014

I don't do a lot of link up posts, but I thought this one was adorable.  I had to get in on it, aha!  There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of being a blogger most people don't know about.  That is what myyy confessions are going to be about...  what goes on behind each && every post.  Enjoy! 

||1} I'm NOT a photographer.  I haven't invested in a quality camera yet because all of my "extra" money has gone to medical bills [suck].  I actually put in a lot of overtime during the summer at my non-blog job and was going to buy a camera with the extra money.  Then my POHS started acting up && the Dr took my money [suck].  This means that each picture is taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone.  I pull out A TON of lighting, white poster board, && clear plastic bins to get the best shot I can.  You should see it... it's hilarious.  I'm wrangling lights, my phone, and trying to keep the cats away at the same time.

||2} 99% of the time I'm sitting at my laptop in sweatpants [or yoga pants], no bra, myyy hair is in a hella messy bun or pony, && there is no makeup on my face.  Unless I was lazy the night before and didn't remove yesterdays makeup...  It's NOT a pretty sight.  I love everyyy minute of it! Aha! <333

||3} I have 2 cats, but Quorra is the "helper".  No matter what I'm doing, she wants to be up in it assisting.  9 times out of 10 I'm writing while trying to keep her off my keyboard, keep her from playing with my laptop power cord, sticking her face in my coffee, knocking my pen off the table, etc etc etc....  This cat doesn't like it when my attention is not on her.  When I was taking photos today [holding a light in one hand, my phone in the other, and standing on a chair] she decided to sprawl out on my feet.  There will ALWAYS be a cat behind the scenes of every single post.

||4} I chain vape && drink copious amounts of coffee while blogging.  I keep my giant Starbucks reusable cup full of water by me or the only liquid to cross my lips would be coffee.  I'm an ex-smoker && I love vaping.  Especially in the morning with my coffee, because when I smoked that was a special "me" time.  Coffee && ciggies.  Since I start blogging the minute my morning coffee has brewed, I vape along. [#vapelife]  

||5} I'm BIG into planning && I can't live without my planner.  However, blogging is another story...  I'm working really hard lately at getting a bunch of posts scheduled and pre-written.  I like the idea of having posts scheduled for weeks or months, I just haven't gotten there yet.  Most of my posts are written the day they go live.  This week has been the first week that I had the full week scheduled && ready to go.  I'm hoping to continue on that way, aha!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my every day blogger life!  Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie for the link up && idea! <333

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13 most effective ways to relax

Thursday, September 18, 2014


With my POHS keeping my stress low is very important.  Studies have shown that stress can elevate complications with POHS.  I can't say I live an overly stressful life as it is.  I only work part-time outside the home [28hrs], my son is 16 so I don't have little ones, and aside from the POHS itself I don't have many issues in my day to day life.  That being said, I DO have a teenager, ahah, so sometimes that CAN be stressful.  I also have typical money worries, especially with my medical bills, like everyone else.  Then there's just those days where no matter what you do, everything goes wrong.  

Spending time with my family at the end of the day, is a great stress reducer.  I enjoy visiting with them && hearing about their day.  Jess currently works 2 jobs [60+hrs] and is going to college.  Christian is in high school and definitely isn't lacking in extra curricular activities.  

When I was diagnosed with POHS, my life was at its most hectic.  I was working 2 jobs and balancing family along with my home management duties.  I know that many women do this & more daily... and to you I tip my hat!  I am not super woman.  I have mad respect for women that are.  I believe that the stress in my life at that time is what caused my POHS to come out of dormancy.  Since then I have studied && researched endlessly for the best ways to live the most stress free life possible.

Today I'm going to share with you ways to efficiently relax.  I can't kick the stress from your life, but I'm sure going to help you cope with it.  

  1. Sleep:  I believe that everyone has a number of hours of sleep "sweet spot".  For me it's about 5.5hrs.  Too little sleep can make you tired, and too much sleep can make you tired.  When you're tired, your mind can't handle conflict & stress properly.  Proper sleep is vital to mental health.  
  2. Yoga and/or Meditation:  I don't care what level of shape you are in [heaven knows I'm in horrible shape...] you can do yoga.  Yoga is AMAZING at calming the body, mind, & spirit.  There are also guided meditations specifically for "total relaxation".  I have several guided meditation podcasts saved onto my phone for when I'm in urgent need of pure relaxation.
  3. Fancy bath:  That's right, I said fancy.  Fill up your tub, add your favorite bath products, light candles, turn off the lights, and silent all of your electronics.  I have a stash of LUSH products for exceptionally bad days.  During the winter months when it's colder, I tend to take a bath every night.  In the summer, I'll end the day with a fancy shower.  For those of you that hate baths, you can definitely take a "fancy shower".  Same rules apply.  Pull out some wonderful smelling shower gel, apply a mask to your hair, light candles, and turn the lights off.  Add your favorite "chill" music.  
  4. Read:  I'm a huge book worm so I end each night by either reading in the tub, or reading in bed after my bath.  Reading helps to rid the mind of anything stressful, and distract you.  Take you to another place where you can zone out.
  5. Warm Milk or Hot Tea:  This goes along with my tub... see a bedtime routine pattern here?  When I take a long hot bath I will usually bring in a cup of my favorite hot tea.  Purchase relaxing teas or make your own tincture with dried chamomile, passion flowers, lavender, and lemon balm from an herb store.
  6. Journaling:  Writing in a journal can help you pin point your main areas of stress.  Sometimes just even "talking" it out on paper is therapeutic.  Also, you can keep a gratitude journal.  Taking note of your gratitude's can help you appreciate more, and not stress about the little stuff.
  7. Time Management:  Learn how to manage your time.  Have a plan of attack every single morning before you wake up.  Write out a "realistic" list of what you need to accomplish the next day every night.  When you're organized and on task, it significantly reduces day to day stress.
  8. Learn to say no:  Don't overload your plate with more than you can handle.  If you pile so much on yourself, that you can't realistically complete it you are asking for trouble.  Don't do this to yourself.  It doesn't make you a bad person to say no.  Think about yourself & your limits.  Be kind to yourself.
  9. Take a cat nap:  If you can squeeze in a 20-30min cat nap into your day, it can do wonders!  I typically take a little cat nap each day around 2pm before I pick up everyone from school.  It's a little refresher in between my daily duties and my nightly duties.  
  10. Surround yourself with pleasant scents & textiles:  Create a "sanctuary" of sorts for yourself.  Mine is in my home office.  It's where I spend the majority of my day, so I make it my own personal utopia.  If you work in an office or cubicle, incorporate your sanctuary into your work place.  Pinterest has a TON of wonderful office && cubicle ideas for personalization. 
  11. Play:  Okay hear me out... In "Simple Abundance" Sarah Ban Breathnach teaches us the importance of having a toy box.  [Not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter, lol]  I keep a crate in the top of my closet with crayons, Hello Kitty coloring books, and other random items that aren't considered for "grown ups".  I don't mean sit down and color with your kids.  I mean sit down by yourself and play with your own toys.  This simple and unconventional idea can work wonders.
  12. Music:  I love music.  I couldn't live life without it.  It's my air.  Whatever music you like to listen to, have a specific play list of music that makes you calm & relaxed.  This doesn't mean you have to listen to classical.  Some of my most relaxing music is Pink Floyd and A Perfect Circle aha!  Whatever works for you.  Music heals.
  13. Have a routine:  Get up at the same time every day, and go to bed at the same time every day.  Having routine is good for your mind.  It helps keep things in motion and creates less hiccups throughout your day.
I hope you find these techniques helpful!  I know they've done wonders for me.  Just remember to breathe... deep breathes will get you through anything.  Also, I highly recommend snuggling kitties.  Works every time.

What are you favorite ways to relax and de-stress? 

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week 37 [planner love]

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Week 37 was slower than it has been.  Not much to show you this week.  I did utilize an owl sticky note for the most important "to-do's".  I can't tell you enough how much I'm loving this moleskine turntable planner.  It's simple layout makes it perfect && not distracting.  With a 3-ring binder style planner, I tend to get too caught up in decorations, accessories, etc and spend less time actually doing.  

Jess is using a moleskine for her college && work schedules.  I think I'll show you guys hers next week along with mine.  She has a different style moleskine than I do, so you can see the different styles in use. 



I split the two up above so you can see a larger detail of my week.  Like I said, it was a pretty uneventful week.  

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