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Monday, July 21, 2014

It's been 28 days and I've avoided: 707 cigarettes, saved $176.75, && going strong!  Now, I'm not going to lie to you, I've bummed a couple cigarettes in those 28 days, but each time I did... they tasted AWFUL.  My mouth legit tasted like I had licked an ashtray.  There was this ashy film on the inside of my mouth.  What is that?!  Ahaa! I never noticed that when I was a smoker... ew.  

I smell better!  I "knew" smokers probably smelled like cigarettes, but I never noticed how bad it was until I stopped.  My son even made a comment that he likes that I vape now because my breath doesn't stink [lol thanks?].  

There has been a few bad days where I was tempted.  I 100% believe the only thing I miss about smoking cigarettes is the "ritual".  The physical action of "ashing" the cigarette.  I do miss that in the car... Isn't that strange?  I mean obvi if I were to quit cold turkey without vaping nicotine, we'd be having a different conversation.  Right now the hardest part is solely the ritual of it all.  I've even had to go outside after dinner with my e-cig a few times, because that was my after dinner ritual with cigarettes.  

My skin went through a rough period that it's just now coming back from.  I had real bad acne for a few weeks.  I'm assuming it was a reaction to my body purging the toxins that I'm not longer consuming.  I also had what they call "quitters flu" for several days.  It lasted about 4 days, then I felt fine.  Cigarettes have over 4,000 chemicals in them.  So it's pretty obvious that your body will go through a change while detoxing.

Hydration:  this has probably been the hardest part for me...  I don't drink enough water.  I never have.  I'm reallyyy bad about it.  Well with vaping it's very easy to get dehydrated.  I've had to be very mindful && pay attention to my fluid intake.  Make sure it's proper fluids, aha!  I used to have a reallyyy bad soda habit.  I don't drink typical soda anymore.  When I need my carbonated sugary liquid fix, I use my sodastream [it's not made with high fructose corn syrup like regular soda, and it doesn't use aspartame].  I've been working hard at making sure I'm getting enough actual water.  I love coffee && I could literally drink it all day long [don't worry, I don't aha].  Since I got my keurig, it's helped me limit my intake to only 1-2 cups of coffee a day.  I used to drink an entire pot... 

A surprising side effect of vaping, is I crave "sweets" less!  When you're vaping flavors like "sticky buns" or "dutch apple pie", it cures that sweet tooth!  Fo real.  In the morning I will have my healthy breakfast, then vape a baked good flavored ejuice with my coffee.  It's like I'm having pie for breakfast, but I'm not!  I better drop 50lbs from cutting my sugar, ahah! <3

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Read more about my journey:

Are you a fellow vaper?  Did you have any side effects when you first started?  What's your favorite juice?

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  1. I don't smoke but I'm glad you are doing so well on quitting!

    Anyways, I didn't know all of that about sodastream... my husband is totally addicted to soda so I really want to check this sodastream out... no high fructose corn syrup sounds pretty awesome.


    1. Oh sodastream is the best! It's obvi not as healthy as water, but it's way better than regular soda. The regular flavors have a lot less calories than regular soda. I like the diet grapefruit and diet orange. They're made with spenda. I'd rather they had Stevia, but you get what you get ahah! I highly highly recommend sodastream.


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