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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I've crocheted since I was about 12 years old.  I never quite got "great" at it.  My projects were uneven, if I made 2 of the same they never matched, and I had issues with reading patterns.  I'd pick up again every now and then && try to give it a go.  It always left me frustrated.  

I've always preferred the look of knitted things, but figured if I couldn't crochet there's no way I could do knitting!  The thought of maneuvering 2 needles at once scared me away.  Well a few weeks ago we ran into Michael's for something, and I grabbed a cheap $12 beginner knitting kit.  I haven't put the needles down since!  I took to knitting so easily.  I'm veryyy excited about it!  

In the picture above I have my e-cig && my Kindle.  I still suffer some cravings for the ciggies, and wanted to take up a hand craft to keep my hands busy.  So far, so good.  I'm still going strong with my MVP2 from Mt Baker Vapor [there's a special coupon code for my readers in the side bar].  

I use an app on my kindle called "Knitting & Crochet Buddy" to help me keep track of rows && stitches.  You can input all the info into the app on the project you're doing.  It also has a ruler for measurement && other random helpfuls.  I use my kindle instead of my phone, because I'm usually running Pandora on my phone.  I also use it on my Kindle because I keep my patterns on my kindle as well.  I upload the PDF documents to it.  

[not my photo: taken from the pattern]

I found an adorable Christmas Tree decoration idea on Pinterest, and I've been whipping them up like crazy.  I ultimately want to try my hand at hexipuffs [I purchased the pattern already, so that I have it for later].  I really like the idea of having an on going project quilt made from little hexipuffs so that I feel a sense of accomplishment after each hexipuff.  

I've since gone back to Michael's and purchased several more skeins of yarn, and a few more needles.  Michael's had a sale this week [4 for $10] on certain yarn brands.  So I grabbed some yarn for more trees.  

I'm going to make some of the Christmas Tree decorations for gifts.  I'm very fortunate to have family that appreciates handmade gifts [I know some people don't].  I have a family of artists, && they know the time and hard work that goes into creating something.  I thought these trees were perfect for my first gift project.  I haven't purchased the embellishments yet.  I'm going to make all my trees first, then take one of each to the store to pick out the embellishments.

I've purchased yarn in Alma Mater colors for this purpose.  As a KU fan, it's going to really hard to make up these K-State trees!  The yarn is beautiful though...  You can't really tell from the picture, but the Purple & Silver yarn above are sparkly <333  I also have Yellow && Black yarn for Jess's brother [Wichita State].  Don't worry, I'm about 99% sure her family doesn't read my blog aha!  As for my family... I don't believe that anyone that will be receiving these trees read the blog either =] maybe 1 or 2... meh.  I wanted to share my project! Ahaha!

I really REALLY loved the aqua && green shade!  They're beautiful together.  I plan on making myself something out of those.  Don't know what, but I'll figure it out.  I might even make myself tree decorations out of those for my own tree! <333

I've also whipped up chair socks.  Jess has been sitting at the dinner table doing her college studies, and her "nervous" && "frustrated" fidgeting has caused my dining table chair to scratch my wood floor.  I remembered seeing a chair sock pattern on Pinterest and thought it was dumb... well now it's a necessity.  

[not my photo: taken from pattern website]

These are what the original pattern looked like.  I just quickly knitted up some with a color I had on hand, so they're not fancy.  Once I see how they do, I'll get some coordinating colors and make them cute.  If I have to have them, I might as well rock them right?

It's been fun sitting on the couch watching movies, knitting, and vaping.  Sometimes I'll listen to an audio book or music.  My favorite way to enjoy knitting has been to listen to 90s Alternative Rock or 2000s Indie Rock on Pandora.  It takes the "old lady" feel of it out when I'm rocking some Incubus, Foo Fighters, or some Arcade Fire and Death Cab for Cutie.  

You know how big of a reader I am, so I thought "if I could knit and read at the same time, life would perfect!".  So I tried listening to an audio book, idk if I like it.  My mind wanders too easily.  The biggest struggle I've had since knitting is Quorra... she's been naughty trying to get my yarn aha! <333

Here's the projects I'm currently working on:

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