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Saturday, January 10, 2015

I am sooo excited to share this undiscovered planner to the planner world!  You guys are going to completely flip out when you see this!  Minted has added planners to their collection!  Everything is fully customizable and there's 402 cover designs to choose from.  FOUR HUNDRED AND TWO!!

Not only can you fully customize your planner, you can make a matching journal or address book to go along with it!  You can get a planner with monthly pages only [think: bill planning] or the weekly planner.  They have the plastic protective covers that we're used to seeing with planners like Sugar Paper.  Most designs have several color scheme options to choose from and you can change up the text to whatever you want.  A lot of the designs even have places to add a photo of your choice!  The possibilities are literally endless.  

Here's some of my favorite designs:

Awesome, huh?  You guys I seriously squealed when I saw this selection.  There's something for everyone here!

The customization doesn't end there.  On the inside you can choose what will be on the inside cover.  There's a pretty label where you can add text.  Or you can choose a photo with text!

The journal notebook has your choice of spiral binding or grommets like the one pictured above.  How's that for customization?!

They even come with stickers on the inside!  The planner also has a paper pocket folder for bills, receipts, letters, or whatever you need to tuck inside, AND extra lined paper for notes.  

I'm seriously loving these.  I played around on the website for HOURS trying to decide which one I want.  I THINK I have it picked out.  There's so many options and so much to choose from you will definitely get lost in pure planner bliss.  Hop on over to Minted and check these babies out!

These will work well for a little budget book, food log, etc.  I do not recommend these to replace your Limelife, Erin Condren, FiloFax, etc. 
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  1. Wow! I had no idea they made such beautiful planners. Maybe next year I'll order one. (:


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