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Friday, January 16, 2015

The last 6 months have been a mess of paperwork and receipts all over the place.  Tucked into planners, folders, files, envelopes, etc etc.  I knew for 2015 I needed a better system.  So I turned to the 43 Folder System made famous by David Allen and his book "Getting Things Done".

My setup is technically 45 folders, but the idea is the same.  I added in an "inbox" and an "outbox".  I needed a designated generic inbox & outbox for when I don't know exactly when & where a specific item needs to go in the system.  For example: I have a paid post that I've worked on for a company that is in review.  I won't know when to file that paperwork until they give me green light.  So it's currently tucked away in the generic inbox/outbox section.

I really wanted to use my label maker for labeling the folders, but my label maker is on the fritz.  I had a pile of papers that I NEEDED to organize, so I couldn't wait for a label maker resolution ahah.  I sat down with my stack of folders I'd been collecting from the Target One Spot && UrbanGirl, grabbed a Sharpie pen, and went to town [while watching Doctor Who].

I'll admit there's no rhyme or reason to my folder colors.  I loved them all and didn't care that they weren't all the same.  The shades flow nicely enough for me, so I'm happy with them.  The "month" folders are by SemiColon from UrbanGirl.  The rest are all from the Target One Spot.

Here's a closer look.  I'm currently using what I believe is a plate organizer for your cabinet.  I have my eye on a specific file folder holder from Target, but I'm crossing my fingers that it'll eventually go on sale.

Now every morning when I sit down to start my day, I grab that day's tickler folder to see what I need to do.  Right now, this has mostly been used to organize my blog business paperwork.  That's the majority of the paperwork I accumulate.  

Do you use the 43 Folder System?  How does it work out for you?

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