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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our phones have become an additional appendage.  I know mine is!  I won't retrace my celiac story here, but you know I was diagnosed with it.  That has definitely required me to be more in tune with my body and what I eat.  I've been more aware of my health overall since my diagnosis.  Here is a list of my favorite health apps for Android && how I use them.

||1} Rawtarian is a FANTASTIC app full of raw recipes & information.  I'm not a rawtarian, but I do try to eat at least 50% raw each day.  

||2} RelaxMelodies app has literally been a life saver for me!  I suffer from insomnia and this app has helped tremendously!  It has a lot of different sounds that you can layer.  There's a timer, so your phone doesn't keep playing the app after you fall asleep.  I set mine for 30mins and I haven't been awake still when the timer turns the app off yet.  My favorite sounds that I have layered are: dryer, rain, city, cat purring

||3} OvuView is my favorite period tracker app.  I DO NOT use it for fertility [no more kiddos for this girl!]  I currently have menstrual issues, and have to keep a log for my doctor. [Boy this post sure makes me seem like I'm falling apart!]

||4} I follow the Jamie Eason Live Fit weight training program.  When I'm in the gym, this app helps if I'm unsure of how to do a new lift.

||5} My Diet Diary I follow calories not to lose weight, but to make sure I am getting ENOUGH calories a day.  Eating 50% raw, clean, and gluten free means most of my diet is fruits & vegetables.  Some days I struggle to get all my calories in. 

||6} Food Diary I have a post about my food diary that I keep.  I only use the app version when I'm traveling or away from home and remember something that I need to add to my physical food diary.

||7} Fooducate is a wonderful app to help you when you are unsure of the ingredients of what you're eating/purchasing.  It also has a rating system that gives you an idea of how healthy or unhealthy to food is for you.  

Do you use any of these?  Use something not listed?  Please share!

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