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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our phones have become an additional appendage.  I know mine is!  I won't retrace my celiac story here, but you know I was diagnosed with it.  That has definitely required me to be more in tune with my body and what I eat.  I've been more aware of my health overall since my diagnosis.  Here is a list of my favorite health apps for Android && how I use them.

||1} Rawtarian is a FANTASTIC app full of raw recipes & information.  I'm not a rawtarian, but I do try to eat at least 50% raw each day.  

||2} RelaxMelodies app has literally been a life saver for me!  I suffer from insomnia and this app has helped tremendously!  It has a lot of different sounds that you can layer.  There's a timer, so your phone doesn't keep playing the app after you fall asleep.  I set mine for 30mins and I haven't been awake still when the timer turns the app off yet.  My favorite sounds that I have layered are: dryer, rain, city, cat purring

||3} OvuView is my favorite period tracker app.  I DO NOT use it for fertility [no more kiddos for this girl!]  I currently have menstrual issues, and have to keep a log for my doctor. [Boy this post sure makes me seem like I'm falling apart!]

||4} I follow the Jamie Eason Live Fit weight training program.  When I'm in the gym, this app helps if I'm unsure of how to do a new lift.

||5} My Diet Diary I follow calories not to lose weight, but to make sure I am getting ENOUGH calories a day.  Eating 50% raw, clean, and gluten free means most of my diet is fruits & vegetables.  Some days I struggle to get all my calories in. 

||6} Food Diary I have a post about my food diary that I keep.  I only use the app version when I'm traveling or away from home and remember something that I need to add to my physical food diary.

||7} Fooducate is a wonderful app to help you when you are unsure of the ingredients of what you're eating/purchasing.  It also has a rating system that gives you an idea of how healthy or unhealthy to food is for you.  

Do you use any of these?  Use something not listed?  Please share!

.food journal

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I was advised to keep a food journal.  This way I could keep a closer eye on the food I eat, and watch for triggers.  In this digital age there are a plethora of apps available on your phone for this very reason.  I tried several, and I decided this wasn't for me.  I needed a physical journal.  

I purchased a $3 planner from Big Lots, and made it my own.  The planner was called, "Mom's Little Helper".  I wanted a planner style food journal so that I could easily see everything by date at glance.

I didn't like the cover that was on it.  I may be 30 years old, but I love me some Hello Kitty!  I took scrapbook paper, and mod podged it to the cover.  Then I added my stickers, and covered it in mod podge.  

On the inside cover there is a folder pocket.  I keep receipts and other items related to food in there.  Currently I have an old Valentine's day card from my partner from when we first started dating 5 years ago.  I came across it while cleaning out my office.  I stuck it in there for now cause it makes me smile.  On the right you can see sticker pages.  These came with the planner.  They are for marking doctor appointments, kid's school functions, etc.  I do use these since I look at my food journal first thing in the morning.  This makes the journal a daily to-do reminder as well.

The daily calendar pages are where I write down what I've eaten that day.  This is pretty straight-forward.  In the bottom right hand corner of each day I will put either a :) or a :( based on how my stomach acted.  This way I can keep track of triggers.  I will then use a yellow highlighter to mark items I believe may be a trigger.

On the inside of the back cover, I affixed several post-it notes, and page markers.  This way I can write down reminders, important info, and mark dates that something significant happened.

And there you have it.  My food journal.  I made it from a cheap planner, and several items I had laying around my craft room.  It has proven to be invaluable on my gluten free journey.

Do you keep a food journal?  Is it for weight loss or dietary restrictions?  What do you use?

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