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Monday, September 1, 2014


The folks over at Mt Baker Vapor were kind enough to offer a discount today!  Hop on over to Mt Baker Vapor to get your 13.901% off!  I'm using the discount today to take advantage of restocking some e-juice && trying some new ones as well.  My shopping cart currently contains:
  • Lemon Bar E-Juice in 12mg & 2 Flavor Shots
  • Mimosa E-Juice in 12mg & 2 Flavor Shots
  • Blue Moo E-Juice in 12mg & 2 Flavor Shots
  • Hawk Sauce E-Juice in 12mg & 2 Flavor Shots
You could also use this discount as an opportunity to upgrade your device, purchase new tanks, or get a starter kit to begin your vaping journey!

...and remember, every order over $15 comes with a free bottle of e-juice

My Current Vaping Stats:
*70 days vaping*
*1762 ciggies avoided*
*$440.50 not spent on tobacco*

>>Coupon Code && Link Below<<

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