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Monday, September 15, 2014

Keeping up with sharing my love for office supplies, I'm going to show you my knitting binder today.  This is a little book I put together using an old 3 ring planner.  I hope you enjoy it!

In the front of the binder I have a small clip board held in place by cutesy rubber bands.  This way, if I need to take a pattern out && really study it or mark on it, I can use the clip board.  The front sleeve on the right is just a hello kitty montage from a previous planner that I inserted because... I wanted to!

Behind the clip board is a zipper pocket.  Inside the zipper pocket I store some extra stitch markers, a yarn needle, a small pair of scissors, && a gauge ruler.  This way I have several things on hand for on the go knitting.

Behind the hello kitty montage in the front of the binder, I have a Maggie Smith meme about knitting because... I wanted to!  Then I have some hello kitty paper for notes, stitch counting, row counting, etc.  Anything that I may need to write down.

I use planner size tabbed dividers to section off the binder.  The first section is for "references".  I keep knitting needle size info, metric conversions, yarn types && info, abbreviations, etc.  Most of this information I ripped out of my beginner's guide to knitting book.  I three hole punched it && added it in.

The next section is for "current" projects.  I have patterns && notes on my current projects in here.  As you can see above, there's the pattern to the Christmas trees I'm working on.  The note to the left is a list of Christmas gifts I'm knitting [not showing the list aha]

"Up Next" is after current projects.  This is where I keep patterns of projects I want to work on next.  This way I easily have the patterns on hand for yarn shopping.

The next section is "inventory".  I keep a list of the needles that I own, so if I'm out and about, I don't buy duplicates.  Then I also have yarn swatches.  I took the wrapping off the yarn && washi taped a piece of the yarn to the wrapper.  3 hole punched that && added it in.  This lets me know what I have on hand, and helps when buying more yarn.

The final section is for "completed" projects.  I WILL keep pictures of finished projects && their corresponding pattern in this section.  Right now I have a couple completed Christmas trees in it, so that when I go to buy embellishments I have the actual tree with me.  

That's pretty much it! <3  

How do you organize your knitting projects?

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  1. Great idea! I wrote a comment but apparently it didn't post. So here is another one. Thanks for posting; I will definitely have to organize my knitting life like this. I love the Hello Kitty and Maggie Smith additions.

    1. Thanks!! <333 I love any excuse to break out the fun office supplies aha!

  2. I have around and around about how to organize my quilt patterns, project ideas, etc. and have never found anything I was 100% happy with. You're inspiring me to give it another go, though. It would be helpful to have small fabric squares for projects where I need something to finish it out, to have with me while I'm out.

    1. It has been incredibly helpful for me when I'm out && about. I'm new so I'm still building my needle collection. It helps me know what I have purchased, and what I need to purchase for my upcoming projects. It was so easy to put together. Try it!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I can totally tell that being efficient and organized is key for you and that is something I admire tremendously! You have inspired me to get one of these started for me.

    1. Yay! I hope it helps you! It really is so simple and easy to put together. Good luck! <333

  4. What size is this binder? Is it one of the smaller ones that takes 8.5 x 5.5 paper?


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