8 things every planner addict should own

Friday, September 12, 2014

planner addicts

I've currently been pretty basic with my planner pages since I purchased the Moleskine Turntable Planner.  I ADORE completely tricked out planner pages.  I admire people that have the time to basically scrapbook their weekly spread.  I found that for myself, I was spending more time making my planner "pretty" than actually doing the things I planned!  Since I purchased my new Moleskine, I have vowed to take it down a notch and go more simplistic.  However, I still have several items to make my pages "pretty" that also serve a purpose....

pens planner

{1} I'll start with my pens.  I have probably over a hundred pens in my apartment... I'm obsessed with office supplies, it's truly an illness aha.  Lately though I've ONLY been using my Frixion erasable pens && highlighters in my Moleskine.  I don't have to worry about writing mistakes, date changes, etc.  The Frixion pens erase beautifully without leaving "crap" behind on the page.  I also pictured my Le Pen pen because I use those for writing on Washi tape.  I love LOVE my Le Pen pens.  I just don't trust myself to use them on my actual planner page.  I'm spoiled from the freedom the erasable Frixion pens give me.

sticky notes planner

{2} I love having a large selection of cutesy sticky notes [I only pictured a few of my favorites].  Having cutesy sticky notes is a quick && easy way to "pretty" up your weekly spread without putting much time into it.  I keep several sizes for different purposes.  I also love the post-it flags for important things to notate.  Your average day to day planning probably wouldn't need the post-it flags, but I use my Moleskine for personal use && my blog.  I use these to help me remember very important tasks, emails, or calls I need to make.

note pads planner

{3} I use little note pads like these for lists.  I'll write out grocery lists, meal planning, or shopping lists on them.  I tuck them either in my planner pocket or attach them with a piece of Washi tape or paper clip.  Like cutesy sticky notes, these provide color and fun to you weekly spread if you don't otherwise decorate.

stickers planner

{4} Now that I've gone pretty minimalistic with my planner pages, I don't use many stickers.  I keep a few on hand in my planner bag though.  My favorite ones to use are the ones that came with my Moleskine that are specific to planning.  I also have planner specific stickers from previous planners in my kit, and a few extra fun ones.  I like to keep simple smiley faces to notate exceptional days.  Like I said before, I'm trying to spend less time "decorating" my planner so I really only use stickers for specific annotations.

planner color coding

{5} Color Coding stickers.  I have removable ones that work much like the Martha Stewart tear drops.  The main purpose for these in my planner is for chore planning.  My son && I alternate a few household chores, and I'll use the color coding stickers to tell me who is responsible for them this week.  For example: He and I rotate weeks on litter box cleaning.  I'll use the yellow color coding sticker and write either an "E" or a "C" in it to mark who's week it is.  The foil stars in the picture I use to give myself a star on the days I completed everything I was supposed to.  Yes it's lame.  It's okay you can laugh, aha.  However, everyone likes to be rewarded for their accomplishments.  This is a cheap && simple way for me to look at my days and see a pattern in my accomplishments.

clips planner

{6} You have to have cute clips.  If you choose nothing else in this post, you have to have cute clips.  I don't know about you, but cute clips make me smile.  I just love them.  You can find them anywhere, just keep your eyes open for them.  In this picture I put a few of my favorites.  The plastic blue, white, green, pink, and yellow clips came from the Target dollar bins.  The clothes pin clips came from the Target dollar bin as well.  I found the Hello Kitty paper clips at Walgreens.  The paper clips with Flowers came from Dollar General, as did the polka dot && striped clips.  It doesn't matter what store I'm in, if they have an office supply section I check it out.  Always.  You never know what you'll find.

oli block clips planner

{7} OliBlock Clips get their own section aha!  This clips are AMAZING.  They are very VERY magnetized.  My Moleskine planner is an 18 month planner.  I tested out the OliBlock clip and I was able to clip all 18 months securely.  The magnet was strong enough to hold through every single page.  I use the OliBlock clip specifically to hold the pages between my monthly page && my week page.  In the Moleskine, all the Month view pages are at the beginning of the planner.  So you can see in the photo above, I have it clipped on September month, then the next section is my current week [the arrows are pointing to this].  I found my OliBlock clips at our local Hastings.  I know the Container Store carries them, as well as Amazon.

washi tape planner

{8} Washi Tape.  I don't use a lot of washi tape, because I use it for a specific purpose that doesn't arise too often.  I like washi tape to pull across several days of an activity.  For example: When my son had band camp for a week during the summer, I used one long washi tape strip across the entire week spread.  I used my Le Pen pen and wrote "C at Band Camp".  This just makes it easier, so you don't have to write the activity in every single day of the week.  Plus it stands out && it's pretty.  

What are your favorite planning accessories?

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  1. OMG you have the cutest things!! I am so jealous and I want everything :D
    I have a planner but use a boring mechanical pencil... although, the pencil matches the color of my planner... that's about as fancy as it's getting lol


    1. I have a sick sick obsession with cute office supplies. Always have. As a kid my most favorite thing about back to school shopping was for my school supplies, not clothes aha! I guess I never grew out of it ;)

  2. Wow, what a cute and helpful post. Thanks for sharing :) It's always good to stay organised and with those tips I think I will too :)


    1. Thanks!!! Your blog is great! You have great style <3

  3. Starting this few day i know that there is planner addict... for the past few years i think im alone...


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