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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I am totally, utterly, wholly, absolutely, perfectly, entirely, OBSESSED with fall.

I'm going to get on a little rant here [language warning]:
I am so incredibly sick of this "Basic Bitch" bullsh*t that is all over social media right now.  It has borderline ruined fall for me this year, and to be frank, that PISSES me off.  If you have been a long time follower of me on social media, or facebook... you KNOW that I have always been obsessed with fall.  I seriously THRIVE in the fall.  I hate hot weather with a burning passion, which sucks for me living in Kansas.  Humidity. Ew.  I have loved pumpkin "everything" since I was a small child [my mother made the most FANTASTIC pumpkin cake rolls].  I love fall weather, I love the smells in the air, I love Halloween, I love it all... So don't call me a basic bitch.  I'm not a "basic bitch" or a "it's trendy to love fall" bandwagon jumper.  I was born in the fall.  Fall and I have had a 32 year love affair, so keep your "basic bitch" sh*t to yourself. The end.

I love candles.  There is always a candle burning somewhere if I'm home.  I tend to gravitate towards B&BW candles because their fragrance is strong, and the price point is affordable.  Especially when you buy them on sale.  Fall candles are my favorite though.  I love spice scents.  This year I picked up "Leaves" [I ALWAYS buy several in this scent], "Sweater Weather", "Marshmallow Fireside", && "Fresh Balsam".


I usually drink my coffee black or with agave nectar because I drink sooo much coffee each day [4-6+ cups, yes I'm serious].  I don't need the added calories.  I make an exception in the fall when the stores bring out Pumpkin Spice creamers.  My FAVORITE is the Fat Free && Sugar Free International Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer.  This way I can enjoy it without the added sugar calories.  This particular bottle was free with a coupon.

I also love The Nightmare Before Christmas.  My parents purchased the movie for me in 1993 when I was 11 years old [man I'm getting old, aha!].  It was a favorite around our house.  My parents loved it as much as I did.  Every year from Halloween to Christmas, since I was 11, I watch it several times.  I love && hate that it's become so popular.  I love it because there's tons of merchandise available.  I hate it because now it's "trendy" to like it.  I bring out my Nightmare Before Christmas stuff in October and it stays until January.  The beauty of it is, it fits in with Halloween && Christmas so you can enjoy it for many many months.


I love spiced desserts in the fall.  However, I'm trying to cut back on sugar && calories, so I'm vaping my desserts!  My favorite vape juice is from Mt Baker Vapor, but they don't currently have a Pumpkin Spice juice [got that locally].  My favorite spicy dessert flavors from Mt Baker Vapor are "Dutch Apple Pie" and "Sticky Buns".  I also have "Candy Cane" shown because when it gets to the end of fall, I'll vape that flavor a lot.  
[If you're interested in Mt Baker Vapor, there's a coupon code in the sidebar]


Fall through Spring I take a LONG relaxing bath almost every night.  I enjoy it && the relaxation of it is crucial to my eye health.  Since I will hang out in the tub for so long [hour+] I like to bring in hot tea or a decaf coffee with me.  These are my favorite nighttime k-cups to enjoy in the tub.  I know tea has caffeine, but it doesn't affect me like coffee does.  The Chai k-cup && french vanilla cappuccino are available at Aldi.  The decaf Hazelnut is available anywhere that k-cups are sold.


I have a nail polish problem.  Seriously.  I have over 300 bottles.  My most favorite are dark shades though.  Since I have so many, I do tend to separate them into seasons so they all get used.  I love fall because that's when I bring out my darks.  The polish above is China Glaze "Some Like It Haute" which is a black sparkle && OPI "Siberian Nights" a purple so dark it looks black.  I pictured these two because they're what I'm currently wearing!  I have "Siberian Nights" on all 10 fingers, then "Some Like It Haute" on my ring && middle fingers.

This week has been warm again [mid 80s].  Ew.  However, it's supposed to cool down towards the end of the week.  All this "fall" talk has me so READY for cooler weather!  I want to live somewhere where it's like 50s-60s in the day and 30s-40s at night year round.  Perfection! Aha.

What are you favorite things about fall?  What's your favorite season?

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  1. oh man 50-60s during the day is too cold for me lol I want 60s-70s during the day and night haha I also have a lot of nail polish bottles...some that I don't even use! I really need to go thru them and throw some out.

    My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather (which I haven't really experienced YET) and that I am able to wear scarves and tights more! And Halloween and that it's almost Christmas!! :D


    1. Yeah I went through last year and cleared out a bunch of polish. I probably need to do it again...

      We had like 1 good week of "fall" weather, then it got back up in the 80s again. Ugh. The weather people keep saying that it's going to cool down. I haven't seen it yet...

  2. I love being outside in the fall. Taking in all the colors, walking through the woods and woodsy roads - that's heaven! Also, I do love boots and sweaters. I like being able to lounge around the house in sweatpants and a sweatshirt because it's so cool. Plus, baking!! I love to bake, and fall feels like perfect baking weather to me.

    1. Oh yeah definitely! Once November hits, I'm a baking machine. I wish it'd cool down here... I love fall comfy clothes and I'm just ready to finally turn off that stinking air conditioner!


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