farewell captain

Monday, September 29, 2014


This week has been an emotional one for me. I have spent my entire adult life && most of my teen years with Derek Jeter as my favorite baseball player.  My mother was a Yankee's fan, so I was a Yankee's fan.  When she passed away, I kept the tradition of following the Yankee's every season.


This is something that I have passed onto my son.  That's him up there enjoying a ballpark hot dog at the Yankee's vs. Royal's game this summer.  Baseball is such a time honored tradition.  It's had it's ups and downs [but haven't we all?].  It makes me so sad to see stadiums barely full of fans.  We live about 2hrs away from the Royal's stadium, and we usually hit a couple games each summer.  I wish we lived closer so we could go more.  It's just hard with our work schedules.


The summer of 2013 we weren't able to catch Jeter when they were this way playing the Royal's because he was out on injury.  I was scared to death that I wouldn't get to see him this year either...  I HAD to see him again in his final season.  It was a must!


As you can see, I lucked out.  The Yankee's chose to play him against the Royal's the night we were there.  I have a friend that is a huge Yankee's fan as well.  She saw them play the Cardinal's this summer, and they didn't play Jeter.  She was devastated.  I felt incredibly lucky that they played him at my game.  I soaked up every minute knowing it was going to be the last time I got to see him play.  It was magical.


Derek Jeter played his final game with the Yankee's this week.  I've cried all week long as the countdown began and tributes to him were being posted on social media.  I cried in the middle of a restaurant telling Jess about how he received tribute in Boston this weekend.  That was a big deal [major rivalry there for those that don't know].  I've been a blubbery mess && continue to be a blubbery mess today.  It feels like the end of an era. And while I've followed most of his career without my mother, it feels like a piece of what we shared ended this weekend with his career...

Farewell my Captain.
#2 Forever.

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