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Friday, September 26, 2014

I've recently came across some fantastic blogs && have had such a great time reading them.  They inspire me and have reignited my love for blogging.  For so long, I didn't read any other blogs.  Past blogs I followed either started doing sponsored posts so much that it lost creativity, or they gave up.  I was having a hard time enjoying any blog.  Now that I have found [and religiously follow] tons of wonderful blogs, I wanted to share them with you.  Maybe you don't read many blogs anymore for the same reasons I had, && need to be introduced to some fantastic bloggers.  I'm going to do this by sharing with you my favorite blog post I read each week.  

Jessica's post about her Chococat Cookies had me rolling!  It was so funny!  Plus, the cookies were absolutely adorable even if she didn't think so. With beautiful pictures taking you step by step through her adventure you can't help but fall in love with this post.  She called her cookies a fail, I say they were a win! I definitely couldn't have done better than she did.  

Be sure to check out Jessica at The Pyreflies!

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  1. Awe yay I am so happy that you featured me and liked my cookies. Everyone's comments really made me feel so much better about them. :)

    I hate when blogs start doing sponsored post after sponsored post... I also stop following them just because they lose that "personal" feeling to them!


    1. You're welcome! <3 I loved this post! It was great! Plus... baked goods && kawaii? Perfection. Aha!

      It really is the worst. I know that to "make it" you have to get money rolling in some where, so I don't condemn sponsored posts as a whole. It's just when that's the only thing they spit out onto their blog...

  2. I too recently started following more blogs and it really is inspiring to see great posts! I always have this weird guilty feeling when I unfollow a blog, but sometimes it just has to be done.

    1. Oh it's so much fun to me now! Every morning I "promote" my current post, then sit down and catch up on the blogs while having my morning coffee. It's my favorite part of my blogging routine now. It's nice to have found such an awesome group of bloggers.


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