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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Through most of October I listened to several stations on Google Play Music.  Also, a veryyy guilty pleasure artist of mine put out a new album in October so I listened to that A LOT.  Last month I embedded several videos into my post, but I noticed that made the post slow to load for some people.  So this month I'll just tell you what I listened to ;-)

I've been listening to a lot of 90s music this month.  Not sure if it's a nostalgia thing or what. I truly do enjoy 90s grunge && alternative music.  I found a great 90s station on Google Play Music called "90s Rock Relaxation" ahah.  I dunno if they're exactly relaxing buuuut... it's a good mix of music!  
Some of my favorites from the playlist include:

Goo Goo Dolls~ Iris
Third Eye Blind~ Thanks a Lot
The Wallflowers~ One Headlight
Ben Harper~ Show Me a Little Shame
Matchbox 20~ 3am

One of my favorite genres to listen to while blogging is hip-hop/rap/r&b.  I think it's the beat that I enjoy while in deep thought while editing photos.  This playlist had a good mix of newer songs && older songs.
My favorites from that playlist include:

Three Six Mafia~ Poppin' My Collar
Fat Joe~ Lean Back
Jay Z~ Big Pimpin
ScHoolboyQ~ Collard Greens
A$AP Rocky~ Purple Swag

|Gerard Way: Hesitant Alien|

I loved My Chemical Romance... I won't go into my emo phase here, ahah buuut I definitely had one.  I still listen to their albums though.  I really truly loved MCR.  I was supah excited when I learned that Gerard was coming out with a solo album.  It's really good && I've been really enjoying it.  I love Gerard's voice.  I could listen to him sing for hours and hours.

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