Emilee Speaks: washi tape storage [budget friendly]

Thursday, November 20, 2014

washi tape storage [budget friendly]


It's no secret that my favorite place to purchase storage containers is the Dollar Tree.  I've had wonderful luck finding quality supah cheap storage aids there.  This year around Easter [Spring cleaning time], Dollar Tree had TONS of awesome storage containers.  Baskets, bins, drawers, etc etc.  I purchased a LOT.  I tend to buy up everything I can find in the light Tiffany Blue color when they have it.  That's a key tip when purchasing your storage from Dollar Tree.  Try to always stick to the same color, or the same color per room.  This creates uniform.  If you have a hodge podge of green, red, blue, purple, && pink bins everywhere, it will look junky.

Anyway, Dollar Tree had these 2 drawer bins at that time, and I literally purchased all they had available in "my" color.  I had NO idea what I was going to use them for at the time, but I knew I'd find a use.  I'm not normally going to encourage you to hoard items, but this is how I make sure all my storage matches... I buy it all up when they have it.


These units stand 4" high, 3.5" wide, and the length is 5".  They're small, cute, and veryyy useful for washi storage!  I can get about 2 rows deep of 4-5 washi rolls per row.  It depends on the size of your washi rolls.  I have lots of odd sizes.  Several large rolls, and a bunch of teeny tiny rolls [those are just tossed in an odds & ends drawer].  These little units were only $1!  In the picture above I have displayed 2 units.  There's 2 drawers per unit.  So you're getting 4 drawers for only $2!  I have about 10 of these guys, and a small washi collection.  I have room for lots of growth!  Since they're so small, they line up nicely on a shelf in your craft office or your craft desk.

Keep an eye out during high storage seasons: Spring Cleaning, New Year, Christmas, && Back to School.  Those are the best times to find new storage at the Dollar Tree.  ESPECIALLY Spring time!  They really went above & beyond this year.  One whole wall had sections of various bins/containers in different colors.  I took a picture actually because it was so beautiful ahah.  I think it was a snapchat though, I don't have it anymore.  However, I found this one online...

My Dollar Tree was less scarce but you get the idea!  Now image that to the right of this picture, there's reds & pinks.  And to the left of this picture, there's white, lighter blue, orange, yellow...  It was amazing.
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  1. I agree - I always get storage containers there! We've gotten so many bins and things for my daughter's toys. Definitely a great resource.

    1. I love it! I don't know why more people don't utilize it! My whole apartment is organized in Dollar Tree bins lol. Yellow for the bathroom, light blue for the laundry room & craft room, green in my bedroom\closet... ahah <333

  2. What a great find! Also awesome for small sewing notions!

  3. I've actually been looking for washi tape storage this week for my ever growing collection. We don't have Dollar Tree where I live, but there are plenty of 1 euro shops I can try. Those little drawers are ideal.

  4. How cute! I love the Dollar Tree for their storage bins.. and I agree, during the spring they are so cute and pretty colors :)