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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Every year for Christmas I get money from my in-laws.  Some of that money usually goes toward planner && craft stuff.  I keep from splurging too much during the year on myself [#momproblems, am I right?], so I allow Christmas money to be 100% indulgent.  I found some SUPAH cute Kate Spade planner products at UrbanGirl [a small business, owned by women!] that I reeeeally want, along with other goodies.  
Here's myyy list:

I've seen lots of people use Kate Spade planners, and I've sat back incredibly jelly at how BEAUTIFUL they are.  I adore the signature white with gold polka dot pattern.  It's a spiral bound 17 month planner.
Again with the love for the white && gold polka dot pattern.  This beautiful pencil pouch includes 2 pencils, a ruler, eraser, and sharpener.  The embellishments on the pouch with the Kate Spade gold signature "spade" is bound to make you feel special.
I neeeeed this in my life!  Yes to EVERYTHING in this box!  I love the gold bow paperclips and push pins.  I love the labeled binder clips.  More pencils, eraser, and sharpener [keep this set at home, and the pencil pouch set for on the go].  WASHI and awesome ruled sticky notes.  All of it fits beautifully in a fancy clear acrylic tray for easy desk organization.  This set is truly perfection.
You guys know how much I love my stickies.  This set is adorable!  I love the color and the fonts.  The little gold embossing make these stickies stand out!
...because I want ALL THE STICKIES!  This set includes 3 different designs of 200 count sticky pads.  I can already see my planner decorated with the use of the speech bubble && numbered list stickies.
I knew I wanted this stamp the minute I saw it.  I really like rotating stamps && the set on this one is fabulous.  The rotating stamp has a set of 12 sayings...
This would be a perfect addition to my weekly planning.  Reminders, inspiration, and action phrases all in one.  Everyone needs this stamp set! Ahah.

I love penguins.  I love office supplies.  This is made for me!  I have several fun paperclips already, but I don't have penguins!  I need penguins...

The quote on this journal reads: "With Freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?"  I thought this journal would make the PERFECT gratitude journal for 2015.  It has 300 pages, 6 ribbon bookmarks [yes SIX!], and is a convenient size of 8"x5".  That quote alone will remind you to be grateful every single day.  Perfect gratitude journal.
...because every planner junkie deserves to have beautiful desk accessories!  This stapler is clear acrylic with a hint of gold.  Comes with staples! <33
Oh come on... if you're going to get the acrylic && gold stapler, you HAVE to get the matching tape dispenser!  These two would be beautiful paired together on any home office desk.  Holds a standard size roll of tape.

There ya have it!  My dream wish list!  I love every single item in this list equally && I want them all [please picture Veruca from Willy Wonka... ahah]!  Seriously though, these items are all beautiful and I'd love to have every single one of them in my home office <333

What's on your Christmas Wish List?

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  1. I LOVE being organised, which makes this post spot on for me! I honestly cannot decide, which item is my fav :)

    Aniqa Dreams

    1. Right?! I can't decide either! I reeeally do like the Kate Spade tackle box though... all of those beautiful things in their own organized container!

      Thanks for stopping by <333

  2. I totally want all these things too. Love the gold Kate Spade stuff. Thanks for posting some rad links too. Have a great holiday.

    1. The gold is just so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by! <333


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