5 Fandom Friday: Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better

Friday, November 7, 2014

Another week about FOOD!  This week's 5FF is about comfort food.  This might actually be harder to pick than last week!  I'll try my best to narrow to only 5.

||1} Lipton Cup-a-Soup:  When I would get a cold or flu as a child, my mother would always give me this soup.  It's still my go-to comfort food because it reminds me of her, and her nurturing.

||2} My Chili Dog Casserole: This is our favorite comfort food around here... it's not healthy AT ALL, but isn't that the point of comfort food?  You can see my recipe HERE.

||3} French Fries: McDonald's, Freddy's, Five Guys, Braum's, store bought, homemade, fried, doesn't matter.  ANY french fries.  I love french fries. I make some pretty mean oven baked fries.  I could seriously cut up a potato and make oven baked fries every single day of the week for lunch.
[but I won't... maybe... no.]

||4} Pistachio Almond Ice Cream: Mmmmmmmm.... That's all I have to say about that.  I love pistachio everything.  I even have a dedicated pistachio recipe board on pinterest ahah.

||5} Pizza: Preferably New York style but I don't discriminate.  I love all pizza.  One of my favorite places here in the midwest is Papa Keno's [pictured above].  They provide amazing east-coast pizza to those of us in Kansas.  The closest one to me is about an hour and a half drive though... So needless to say, I don't get it but a few times a year.  It's totally worth the drive though.

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  1. McDonald's french fries get me everytime!!! xx

  2. Chili dog casserole sounds absolutely amazing! I have to agree on the Lipton soup! My favorite are the Soup Secrets Noodle Soup! Mmmm! And of course, French fries are the bomb dot com! Do you eat them plain or with catsup (or anything else)?

    1. If I'm feeling particularly naughty, I really like to dip my fries in mayo... [this is where most people go "ewwww"]. Especially McDonald's fries, they're amazing dipped in mayo. I tryyy really hard to keep myself from it because of all the calories lol. Otherwise I tend to use ketchup.

  3. Oh yes, pizza. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have pizza in my life, it's the best. French fries too, but only when they're done just right (crispy on the otuside, fluffy on the inside)

    1. Yes I prefer french fries to be cooked that way too, but I'll take them however I can get them! =)

  4. Emilee we should be best friends. Pizza and Fries are my numbers 1 favorite comfort food. Tell me you've put fries in your pizza slice and ate it that way? It's THE BEST! (very unhealthy, I limit it to once a week as a reward :P)

    1. Ahhhaha no! I have not tried fries IN my pizza! Idk if I can allow myself to go that far... I reeeeally don't need any more unhealthy addictions! <333


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