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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm not a huge Nicholas Sparks fan.  At all.  He's really not that great of a writer.  Every book has the same formula, with details changed.  However, they're good books when you want a quick read or are in the mood for something sappyyy.  Which is how I was feeling the day I picked up Safe Haven...


I actually surprised myself with this book!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I thought it was suspenseful, graphic, heart wrenching, && just the right amount of sap.  The ending was a shock to me, I totally didn't see that coming.  All in all, I have to admit I really liked this book.  Which leads me to the corner with my tail between myyy legs for all the years of dissing Sparks.


I was soooo excited to watch this movie after I read the book.  There was so much potential for this to be an amazing movie.  I've been a long time soap watcher since I was a child (my parents watched AMC && OLTL).  When I saw that Josh Duhamel was in the movie, I got even more excited.  This movie was AWFUL!  From the very beginning I found myself saying, "that didn't happen".  I know movies tend to leave stuff out from the book, but this movie added things and changed things to where it was almost unrecognizable.  I think I could've handled all that and still enjoyed the movie if the movie was actually good.  It wasn't.  The acting was terrible.  Absolutely atrocious.  I do NOT recommend this movie whether you've read the book or not.

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