avastin update [5.20.13]

Monday, May 20, 2013

presumed ocular histoplasmosis

Tomorrow will a full week since my first shot of Avastin.  I have noticed a mild improvement in my vision already.  I was able to decrease the font size on my kindle a little, and I can see my text messages easie.  YAYYYY!  Yesterday completed my round of anti-biotic drops in my eye, I seem to have successfully kept from getting an injection.  All in all I'd say that it was a successful injection!  I go back to my RS [retinal specialist] mid-june.  Hopefully, I'll walk out of there with a success of no bleeding!  *Fingers crossed*

Do you have POHS?  Please share your story below, I love reading and learning about other's experiences. 

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  1. Hi Emilee,
    I was diagnosed with POHS this week. My vision changes started Wednesday and I went to the doctor Thursday. I was completely convinced that I would be told that I was overreacting and I was just fine. After, 6 hours in two doctor's offices (my eye doc sent me to an RS) and 900 dollars of medical charges, I got my first shot of avastin. It's pretty scary to go from no problem to this diagnosis in the span of a day.

    I haven't noticed any improvement in my vision yet. (it's only been three days). And my eye still feels sore and bruised. I am interested yo hear that you felt sleepy too. I haven't wanted to get out of bed at all, and I chalked it up to being bummed out by the whole situation. Glad to hear it might be from the shot! I wish you luck in this journey and continued improvement.

    1. baltihon~
      I'm so sorry! I bet that was a whirlwind of a day! First of all, you did the right thing going to the Dr early. I'm ashamed to admit I let my right eye go for a year... Now my right eye is too damaged to take advantage of avastin. I'm still trying to accept this diagnosis myself, it's so scary (and expensive). I plan on blogging this journey. There's just not enough awareness and stories out there for peope like us. There are a few facebook groups that I found very helpful, find them! It's nice to have a community of people that understand what you're going through. Thank you for your comment, and I wish you happy eye health!

  2. I have had POHS since 2012 when I noticed that door jambs at the top were no longer straight, but seemed wavy. First retinal specialist I saw did not diagnose POHS, and I honestly don't remember if I was supposed to follow up and didn't or if she kind of indicated it would get better. When it didn't though, I went back to the same practice but they had a different retinal specialist who diagnosed me. I went back every 6 months for a couple of years, then once a year, but then I stopped going. My vision was staying the same. It never improved, but didn't get worse either. I had had maybe 2 injections at that point. I went back in 2018 because my vision was getting worse (my POHS is only in my right eye, or at least, that's the only one with distorted vision. He said there was blood so he gave me an injection. I went back for a follow up 6 weeks after that, the bleeding had stopped and I didn't go back again because those 2 visits plus the shot cost me $800 with the crappy insurance I had at the time. End of 2019 I started to notice vision changes again, but we were going to be getting new insurance so I held out until just yesterday. I had to have another shot. In 6 weeks I go back for a retinal angiography. Even with new insurance, this is sounding expensive.


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