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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

presumed ocular histoplasmosis

Have you ever heard of Presumed Ocular Histoplasmosis?  Yeah me either... Within the last 3 months I've developed vision problems in my eyes.  Blurriness, unable to read without magnifying x100, lines are squiggly, and complete loss of central vision in my right eye.  Fun. 

To make an awfully long and painful visit to the Retinal Specialist, I was diagnosed with Presumed Ocular Histoplasmosis Syndrome [POHS].  This has made working very difficult for me.  I have to utilize Windows Magnifier just to get around on the computer.  Since I blog and work in I.T. at my out of the home job, things have been difficult.  Blogging had to take a backseat. 

I have my first appointment tomorrow for my treatment.  There is no cure for POHS unfortunately, and since the scarring is already so bad in my right eye, I won't regain vision in it.  The left eye is the eye that will be receiving treatment.  The treatment I'm undergoing is a series of injections into my eye with the medicine Avastin.  The insurance company is fighting covering the treatment, which hasn't been fun. 

I'm anxious and unsure if I'm ready for this appointment tomorrow, yet I'm keeping positive thoughts.  I'll update you in a few days after the treatment. 

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