adorn your android: how to personalize folders on your phone

Monday, October 6, 2014

Since the start of my blog I've shown you my monthly phone screens.  In fact I just showed you a Halloween theme last week.  I love Halloween, I love fall, I love October... but I quickly got sick of this theme.  I realized that in the hustle && bustle of whipping out a new theme each month, I was doing it just for the blog post and not for "me" anymore.  I wiped the screen and spent a good day playing with personalization that I haven't used in a long time.  I also realized that I wasn't exactly sharing my knowledge with you.  I was just posting pictures and being done with it.  SO I'm going to start showing you how!  Starting with "folders"...

First off: I don't root my Android device.  Honestly, I'm too chicken sh*t to do so.  Everything I ever show you will be available for non-rooted devices.

I've highlighted the folders that we're looking at.  These folders come in MANY different options.  You can even have the icons of the folder contents displayed on the folder.

Here's my folders.  I chose to not have them display the app icons because it was more streamlined and "clean".

I hate to say this because it's so lame... but you have to search using the words "girly folders" in the playstore.  I'm not sure why, but it seriously annoys me lol.   It makes me feel 12years old.  I'm using the 10th app, "retrogirly folder".  I believe this is a paid app, but there are a ton of folders that are free [or... you can acquire the paid app for free using aptoide].  Once installed, you will put the app onto your screen choosing the widget options from your device.

As you can see here I'm choosing my folders from my widgets.  It's the second widget in the second column.

Here's a plain screen with just the folder.  This is how your folder will look by default.  You'll need to tap it for more options...

After you've tapped your folder this is the screen that will show up.  You can name your folder here, change the settings, and add/delete apps to put into the folder.

Here's what comes up when you choose settings.  You can choose the name of your folder, select the display type [do you want 4 app icons, 9 app icons, or none like mine], and all the different designs are in here as well.

This is what the screen looks like when you select add/delete from the options.  As you can see here's your list of apps on your phone you can choose to add to the folder.

Once we have finished personalizing our folder, this is what it looks like whenever you tap it on your home screen.  Your apps are in there, as well as the settings && add/delete.

I wanted you to see what it looked like with visible icons on the folder as well.  In the first picture, the first folder has 4 icons chosen.  The second picture, the first folder has 9 icons chosen.  I didn't like the look so I didn't keep them that way.  I think of it like this... In real life we use folders to organize and "clean" up messy papers, and we can't see through our folders.  They're there to contain papers out of visibility.  That's what I'm doing with my apps.

I hope you enjoyed this little walk through on how to prettify your phone! <333

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  1. I am jealous of android users with cute photo set-ups like this!! You did a great job!


    1. Thanks Jessica! I had tons of fun doing it! <33

  2. I love this. Cute as a button. I, too, do not have the nerve to root my phone. Thank you for this! (Like I need another reason to be glued to my phone.)

    1. OH I know... I'm totally glued to my phone too!


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