week 39 [planner love]

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It's been another week!  This week's layout is mostly blog related "to do's".  My original plan was to use this planner for both home life && blogging.  It's slowly becoming mainly a blogging planner.  My blog "dailies" are increasing, aha therefore my at home "responsibilities" have been ignored.  I'm not complaining one bit though.  I love that my blog is keeping me busy.


I put a sticky note in there with what my notations mean.  I realize I haven't done that previously.  This week brought back the Fall Television lineups, I notated what shows started so I would remember to watch them.


Here's the left side closer.  You can see my "legend" is pretty minimal.  I use boxes && that's about it.  I tried all the different notations in bullet journaling but it didn't work for me.  The simple box and box with a B [for blogging] works perfect.  I just put an arrow in the box if I rescheduled the task.


Here's the right side.  I looooved the quote I put in for week 39.  It says:
How to be Successful: Focus On Your Own Shit
Aha, love it.  I also stuck a hello kitty sticker on there from my Planner Haul.  Next week's post will demonstrate the Turntable planner used horizontally.  I've been using horizontally this week to show you guys how that works.  I haven't decided which I like better yet... I'll let you know next week <333

Did you watch any new shows?  Returning shows?  What's your favorite?

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