avastin update [8.12.14]

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Holy. Smokes.

This last Avastin shot reallyyy kicked my butt.  Ugh.  I'm so sorry that I've been away for so long.  I wasn't expecting this most recent shot to take me down like it has.  It's been awful.  Much different experience than my shot last year.

They started a different technique with the shot since my last one.  The shot procedure I had last year consisted of the numbing, shot, then antibiotic drops for weeks after.  This time they do numbing, beta-dine, shot, no drops.  The beta-dine is to replace the need for the antibiotic drops.  However, some people experience more pain && scratchiness afterwards with the beta-dine.  I sure as heck did.  For far too long.  It's been miserable.

I'm finally starting to get to where I can look at the computer screen long enough to get some work done.  So I should be back to regularly scheduled blogging =]

I have an update appointment with my Retinal Specialist next month to see if the Avastin shot did what it's supposed to this time around.  I've noticed some improvement in my vision, but still have several "flickering" spots that haven't dissapated.  I'm hoping they do soon so I don't need another shot next month...  At least now I know to plan waayyy ahead && have several posts scheduled for after the shot!

Thank you for being patient with me <333 I love you guys!

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