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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

School starts this week and while I'm not personally in school, I'm responsible for my son && Jess's schedules.  The kiddo is in band and happens to be veryyy busy during the school year with it.  Jess not only works 2 jobs, but is going back to school this semester.  I tend to be the taxi for everyone, along with my own "household duties".  I'm only 31, but my memory is crap.  Fo real.  I have to write everyyyything down.  I love LOVE bullet journaling to keep my head on.  I find that is the most productive way for me to complete everything && stay on task.  This year I'm incorporating the Moleskine Turntable planner into my planning regimen.  With regular bullet journaling in a plain notebook, I found I was spending too much time laying out everything on the page.  The Turntable planner has everything setup, but in a veryyy close to bullet journaling layout.  I'll show you how I do it once I get it all going.

moleskine planner

I was stoked to find 4-packs of washi tape at Office Depot for 73 cents!  I'll admit, when it comes to the planner world I'm not a HUGE washi user.  I do like using washi to map out long events over several days.  Plus, it's a fun way to add a little color.  I also found a Le Pen stand at my local Books-A-Million.  I wasn't aware we had these pens locally anywhere!  I haaad to pick one up.  My favorite pens to use for planning is the Pilot Frixion pens.  They're erasable.  Honest!  Not like the crappy Paper-Mate erasable pens from the 90s that left crap all over the page.  These legit erase everything cleanly.  I grabbed Frixion highlighters while I was at it too.  

frixion pens

Here's a little example I tried to put together for you guys of the erasing Frixion Pens ahah!  I wrote "Hello" 3 times with the pink, purple, and light blue pens.  Then I erased the middle.  I also did the same with the highlighters.  I hope it helps! <33

elephant washi

Washi Pack #1

polka dot washi tape

Washi Pack #2

washi tape planner

Washi Pack #3

There's the washi's all out && pretty! These are a great quality too.  I did some writing on them with my Le Pen and it wrote beautifully.  No streaking && dried well onto the tape.  NOTE: I usually use Paper-Mate Flair pens for my washi tape.  They write beautifully & have the ink similar to a pointed Sharpie.  

I can't wait to get started on my journal for this year.  I'll do posts regularly showing you what I do && how I do it.  I know that the planner community is huge and I want to contribute! <33

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What planner do you use?  Do you use a simple planner or do you go all out?
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  1. I have such awful memory too, I don't have a planner though I kind of just grab a piece of paper and write down my to-do list on there... lol Love all the cute washi tapes you got! :)


    1. OMG me too! I was so excited to see them so cheap! I have to have a planner... I'm lost without mine :(

  2. Whoa! Erasable pens that aren't janky!? I NEED those! I like the idea of adding washi tape to planners. How else would you use it besides what you've mentioned?

    1. OH they're amazing! You have to try them out! I have more pens than any sane person would ever need, but I always end up using my Pilot Frixion pens because I can erase them. I know that a lot people mainly use washi to decorate their planner pages. I tend to use it more for making a specific task jump out at me on the page. I'm going to start showing my weekly spread once I get it all setup the way I want it. You'll have to come back && check those out when I do. Maybe it'll inspire you =] in the meantime though, I have a lot of exampled pinned onto my pinterest board above! <3333


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