tori amos concert kansas city 8.2.14

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

tori amos

I have been IN LOVE with Tori since around 1996.  I started with her debut album from 1992 Little Earthquakes, and worked my way up.  I was quickly enchanted by her voice && piano talent.  I've spent 18 years of my life with her.  Happy moments, sad moments, and everything in between.  I finally got to see my enchantress this month, and it was THE best day ever.

tori amos kansas city

She came out on stage in a navy wrap dress, cream colored skinnies, and fab heels.  In typical Tori fashion, she straddled a piano bench between a keyboard and a Bosendorfer baby grand.  Oftentimes, playing both at once.

tori amos kansas city

We were 8 rows back from the stage and I felt like she was singing directly to me.  It was such a surreal experience for me.  All these years of truly madly loving this artist, and she was right there.  

tori amos kansas city

This concert was her first "solo" tour without her backing band in many years.  I honestly wouldn't want it any other way.  It was perfection.  This tour was to promote her Fourteenth studio album, Unrepentant Geraldines.  However, she only played a couple songs from the new album.  The set list spanned her entire catalog.

tori amos kansas city

The "Lizard Lounge" takes place in the middle of the set list, and she does 2 cover songs.  Each and every show along the tour has a different set list, with a different mix of covers.  You NEVER know what you're going to get.  In KC we were treated to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  

>>Not my video, and excuse the woman screaming a curse word at the beginning, ahah.  I found it on YouTube && had to share because it's from MY show and her version of this song was beautiful! <<

tori amos kanas city

After every show on this tour [Unrepentant Geraldines Tour] Tori uploads a picture of the set list onto her Tumblr.  This was the picture of our set list <333  Notice that 4 song Encore!  Fab.

tori amos kansas city

I got to meet Tori's daughter && get a photo with her!  If I had known I was going to be getting to take such an epic picture, I would've worn my hair down... muh head looks huge! Ahaha.

tori amos kansas city

During the first song I kept getting dizzy && I couldn't figure out why.  Then I realized that I wasn't breathing!  I was so excited, that I was holding my breath ahaha.  When she sang Little Earthquakes, I teared up && cried like a baby.  I knew I would cry at some point in the show...  I was prepared for that.

>>Again, not my video<<
Cornflake Girl was the only song, she played with a background track.  It was so unexpected when it started blaring.  Cornflake Girl really does need the rest of the music with it to make it whole, and I think she knew that.

If you've never listened to her, you must do so now.  I mean it.  If you are already a fan, you must make sure that you see her live at least once in your life.  It's an experience that can't properly be described with words.  You have to go feel it for yourself.

**A very good friend of mine was at this concert as well, several of my pictures posted here were taken by him.  I kept forgetting to take pictures because I was so enthralled in watching her**

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