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Monday, July 14, 2014

I hate to start out every "favorites" post by saying how quickly the month went by, buuuut it has!  I don't have a lot of favorites to share with you this month, I was kind of having major brain *farts* trying to remember what my favorites were!  

The NOT gently used eye shadow palette in the top picture is Petal Pusher by Wet & Wild.  I just adore Wet & Wild palettes.  They're affordable and provide a decent pigment.  I've had this palette for quite awhile and it kept getting ignored.  Myyy sister, [heidicupcake check her out!] did a tutorial on YouTube for this palette, and I gave it a go.  I used it quite a bit throughout June.  

I was finally out of my old makeup brush cleaner and needed to try something new.  I was in Target and found the Sonia Kashuk cleaner and decided to give it a go.  This is for spot/daily use, not deep cleaning.  I really enjoy it, I think it does a great job!  It was only $6.99 at Target.

Okayyy you guys this one was a surprise for me ahah!  I received the Crest Be flavored toothpaste for review.  I was hesitant to even try them because they ALL SOUND GROSS!  I expected to hate Vanilla Mint the least.  Nope.  It was disgusting.  I knew I'd hate the Mint Chocolate, and I did.  However, the Crest Be Dynamic Lime Spearmint Zest Flavor was surprisingly good!  The lime wasn't overpowering, and the spearmint wasn't a burn your mouth make you drool type of mint.  I was very shocked that I enjoyed this, and I'll likely purchase it for myself in the future.

In my May favorites post I talked about my new'ish haircut.  Well another product I've been loving for my haircut is Soy Paste by Sexy Hair Concepts.  This has done a great job at creating the piecy look I'm going for, without weighing it down.  I purchased it at Ulta for $17.95.

I know it's slightly cliche but I only burn Bath & Body Works candles.  I think I've mentioned this before.  I just love the fragrances [especially the fall & winter scents] and the scents just fill my entire apartment.  Love. Them.  I will say I only buy them when they're on sale...  At one of the recent sales, I purchased this Salt Water Taffy one and Oh.Em.Gee!  It smells absolutely DELICIOUS!  I'm completely obsessed with it.  Plus the label is adorable <333

FYI: I'm trying to get a few posts scheduled for you because my POHS is acting up again and I will be getting an injection in my eye very soon.  That takes me out of commission for a little bit.  I don't want my content to suffer... so I'm working hard to get some stuff scheduled.  If I don't, and I seem a little MIA this is why =(
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