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Monday, December 15, 2014

Social Media: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

I LOVE social media.  I love creating && I love sharing!  Social Media has done an incredible job bringing like-minded individuals together regardless of geographical location.  If you think about how far it's come in just the last 8 years, it's pretty damn impressive.  Technology rocks you guys.

Today I'm going to tell you the BEST ways to stay connected to me!  I want to make sure that each & every one of you are benefiting from following me on all my social media.  Each platform has it's own perks and content.


Twitter is fast paced, short, && sweet.  With 140 character limit, you have to get pretty creative at times.  I have more followers on Twitter than I do on any other platform.  I'm very grateful for all of you! <33

*What you will find on my Twitter is: blog post updates, giveaway reminders, time sensitive calls to action, and random thoughts.  
*What to expect:  I tweet probably 5-15 times a day.  I'm not spammy and you won't see me filling up your feed unnecessarily.
*How to find me: @emileespeaks


I have a Facebook page specifically for my blog.  I'll be 100% honest with you... I'm not as active on it as I should be.  I've been working on that though!
*What you will find on my facebook page:  I share updated blog posts.  I've been working on sharing other random tid bits on there to be a little more interactive with my 500 followers.
*What to expect:  1 MAYBE 2 posts per day.  It's not super active, but it's a good resource.  Especially when I launch the super secret surprise for 2015!
*How to find me: EmileeSpeaks


Instagram is my most favorite right now.  I'm building quite a large planner community over on my instagram && I'm loving it!

*What you will find on my Instagram:  Planner stuff... lots & lots of planner stuff!  Ahah.  Stationary pics.  Blog post updates.  My cats.
*What to expect:  I post about 1-3 times a day on Instagram.  I'm veryyy active with my readers though.  I'll like and comment on your photos.  I'm on instagram more than any other social media.  I will also be launching instagram exclusive planner related giveaways.
*How to find me: emilee_speaks


What the HECK did we do before Pinterest?!  I'm asking.  Bookmarking web pages is sooo 2009.  I seriously live in fear of the day Pinterest meets its demise.  I have so many things pinned!

*What you will find on my Pinterest:  Everything.  No really... everything.  I have 87 Boards.  Each specifically named & categorized.
*What to expect:  Depends on the day.  Some days I'll only pin a few things, some days I pin ALL THE THINGS!  You really need to follow my boards though,  I've curated some great stuff!
*How to find me: EmileeBlogs


Okayyy... this is a little preemptive.  I only have 1 video on youtube, and it was a random unboxing video to music for a sponsor of EmileeSpeaks.  HOWEVER, I have big plans for 2015, EmileeSpeaks, Planners, && YouTube.  So stay tuned... subscribe now! 

*What you will find on my YouTube:  One sad lonely video recorded via phone.
*What to expect:  I can't tell you yet... that falls under SUPAH DUPAH SECRET things to come!
*How to find me: click here

I hope this helps you find me on Social platforms and give you an idea of what to expect.  You can always click on the social media icons in my sidebar.  They will also take you where you need to go.

Super duper awesome things are coming && I know you won't want to miss any of it!  I look forward to seeing you on other platforms! <333
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