week 49 [planner love]

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This week was a total random decoration... I didn't add a lot of decorations initially because I was expecting a busy week and wanted plenty of room.  Then once the week was over, I had several blank spaces.  That's when I decided to add in the Hello Kitty stickers for more "pretty".

Right now I'm still using my Moleskine Turntable planner.


The bow stamps I used were from Michael's & I used StudioG ink pads.  The "To Do:" at the top of the page is also a stamp from Michael's.  The washi I used came from Walgreens.  They're on sale this week 2 for $5.  The sticker mid way says "Hello December.  You're the LAST one so be the BEST one".  I made it myself.  The "Do Do Do" sticky flag at the top of the page is from T.J. Maxx.  The rest of the stickers are from a giant Hello Kitty sticker book I purchased at Old Navy on black friday.

I know it was the first week of December, but I wasn't feeling very "Christmasy".  The current week we're in is Christmasy though =)

 photo http---signaturesmylivesignaturecom-54492-222-8414E474F531BA8FE9016BBE25E32639_zps8349804b.png

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