productive things to do during christmas vacation

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Most of us get a little time off from work during the holidays.  This is a great time to be productive!  Of COURSE you deserve some down time, I know I do!  I'm not talking about crazy extensive projects, just little things that will help you be more organized and feel productive.

||Catch Up on Pleasure Reading||
These last few months have been so busy for me, and I haven't finished a book since October.  I hate to admit that.  I know I plan on getting some good reading in during Christmas vacation!  I've started reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, and I really want to get it finished.  I just haven't made time for it lately.  Instead of reading before bed like I used to do, I'm making lists and have blogging on my brain until I fall asleep.  I need to stop that, ahah!

||Computer Maintenance||
When's the last time you ran a virus or malware scan on your computer?  When's the last time you ran a defrag or disk cleanup?  This is a good time to do that!  Just kick it off and let it run while you watch your favorite Christmas movie or bake your favorite Christmas cookies.  Your computer will thank you.

||Clean Out Smart Phone||
It only takes a few minutes to clear the cache on your apps.  You wouldn't believe how much space that will save you if you haven't done this in a while.  You can also go through your apps.  Are they still relevant?  Do you use them all?  NO?  Get rid of them!  You can also take this time to upload your photos to your computer and get them off your phone.

||Organization Project||
We're not talking completely overhauling your kitchen or anything here.  I'm talking a little project you can do while watching a movie with your family.  I'm personally going to be organizing my planner supplies.  I need to get all my stickers organized into a binder.  This will save me time when decorating, because I will be able to easily flip through and see what I have.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to stay productive during the holiday break.  Most of all, make sure that you're spending quality time with your family.  The holiday's are a special time whether you specifically celebrate Christmas or not.  Family is so important!  Connect with family you haven't seen or talked to in awhile.  Hugs for everyone!

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