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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I'm trying something new for 2017.  My wallet was falling apart and I decided I wanted to try using a personal sized planner as a wallet.  I picked up this Recollections brand planner from Michael's and it came with inserts.  I used a coupon and got it all very cheap.  I didn't want to get a Filofax since I wasn't sure if I'd like using a planner as a wallet.  So far, I'm loving it!

When you first open it up, there's a flap on the inside where I keep a few sticker sheets.  Since this planner doesn't have card slots in it, I had to improvise.  I knew I wanted my debit card right in front... I mean, hello?  That's what gets used the most!  What I did was take a piece of scrapbook paper (the pineapples), laminated it, cut it down, and punched it.  I picked up a package of these pockets from Michael's and I used E-6000 glue to glue the pocket onto my laminated scrapbook paper.  I've been using this for about a month and it's held up perfectly!

Recollections has so many cute accessories that go with their planners.  I picked up a package of folders.  This is the first one in my planner.  I use it to keep receipts.

Can we talk about how cute this folder is?!  I really haven't used this one for much... yet.  What I'll likely be doing is using the first folder for personal receipts, and the second for business receipts.

Each month tab has a super cute design on it.  This is February!  I put 6 months of planner inserts into the wallet, and took January out when it was over.  Since any important information on these pages would be transferred to my main planner anyway, I don't see the need to keep old months in it.  My planner pages in this wallet I update each morning.  I sync the day with my main planner at home.  I write down errands that I need to run, any appointments I may have, etc.  

I took an old paper pad from Michael's and took out about 15 pages.  I cut them down and punched them.  The Recollections inserts didn't come with a "notes" section and I need paper to jot things down on.  I also cut a slit in each hole so I can pull these pages out if I need to, and put them back in.

Since this guy doesn't have card slots in it, I sat down with my fuse tool and some page protectors and made my own!  I'm going to do a video this month on how I made these so keep an eye out for that.  Behind my 2 card sleeves is another folder and a checkbook.

I'm not sure how long this setup will hold up.  I've got a lot of DIY going on in this wallet, but so far it's doing great!  I'll have to check in and update you guys in a few months and tell you how it's going.

Do you use a personal or mini planner as a wallet?  What planner do you use for it?

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