week 16 [planner decoration]

Friday, April 24, 2015

I was seriously in love with the way this week's decoration came together.  There's just something about beautiful planner pages that makes me happy.  It was a good week, haha!  The previous week I hated [which is why you didn't see it].  It annoyed me every time I opened my planner to the week 15 pages.  Hated them.  However, this week's was perfect.  Loved it!

As you can see I made another of my signature "dashboards" to put in my week pages.  I used a Heidi Swapp Paper Pad that I got hella cheap at Michael's.  It was originally $20 but I think I got it for like $7!  It's a LARGE pad too.  Scrapbook size [12x12] with 48 pages in it.  Great deal!  Then I stuck on a cute Heidi Swapp heart puffy sticker and my favorite Kate Spade sticky notes.

The flower washi I BELIEVE is Heidi Swapp too?  Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong... My washi collection is getting so HUGE that I'm forgetting where some came from.  The black polka dot washi is from Joann.  I used a Joann paper bow kit to make my papered bow paper clip [I STILL have a tutorial to teach you guys how to make your own without the kit, I'm planning on posting it next week].  All the stickers are Heidi Swapp, that I do know ahah [except the bright pink page flags on the second half of the week, those are from Limelife Planners].  My gold bow paper clip is from Kate Spade and the cupcake & Starbucks cup came from my etsy shop!  I made the flower pen from leftover flowers that I used to make my son & his girlfriend's prom flowers.  I just wrapped it with black/white polka dot washi from Michael's [the washi in the tubes].

All stamps as usual are from Sweet Stamp Shop.  I just adore those stamps!  Something new this week is my ink!  I grabbed the Color Box Paintbox pigment ink palette.  I'm LOVING this ink!  I really like my Versa Magic, but sometimes it's just too "pale" for my liking.  Especially for taking photos.  The Color Box ink is bright, stamps beautifully, and doesn't bleed... contrary to what many stampers try to tell you.  There's become this huge misconception that you can ONLY use Chalk Ink in your planner.  It's just not true.  One thing you need to remember is that the pigment ink dries a little slower.  But I always leave planner open for awhile after inking anyway.  Also, it may depend on what paper quality your planner has on whether it bleeds.  It does NOT bleed in my perfect Limelife Planner.  I love that the shades pull out so you can ink your stamps easily.  I lifted out the shade I used this week for reference.

What did you use this week to decorate your planner?  What are your planning "must have's"?

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