avastin update [5.20.13]

Monday, May 20, 2013

presumed ocular histoplasmosis

Tomorrow will a full week since my first shot of Avastin.  I have noticed a mild improvement in my vision already.  I was able to decrease the font size on my kindle a little, and I can see my text messages easie.  YAYYYY!  Yesterday completed my round of anti-biotic drops in my eye, I seem to have successfully kept from getting an injection.  All in all I'd say that it was a successful injection!  I go back to my RS [retinal specialist] mid-june.  Hopefully, I'll walk out of there with a success of no bleeding!  *Fingers crossed*

Do you have POHS?  Please share your story below, I love reading and learning about other's experiences. 

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  1. Hi Emilee,
    I was diagnosed with POHS this week. My vision changes started Wednesday and I went to the doctor Thursday. I was completely convinced that I would be told that I was overreacting and I was just fine. After, 6 hours in two doctor's offices (my eye doc sent me to an RS) and 900 dollars of medical charges, I got my first shot of avastin. It's pretty scary to go from no problem to this diagnosis in the span of a day.

    I haven't noticed any improvement in my vision yet. (it's only been three days). And my eye still feels sore and bruised. I am interested yo hear that you felt sleepy too. I haven't wanted to get out of bed at all, and I chalked it up to being bummed out by the whole situation. Glad to hear it might be from the shot! I wish you luck in this journey and continued improvement.

    1. baltihon~
      I'm so sorry! I bet that was a whirlwind of a day! First of all, you did the right thing going to the Dr early. I'm ashamed to admit I let my right eye go for a year... Now my right eye is too damaged to take advantage of avastin. I'm still trying to accept this diagnosis myself, it's so scary (and expensive). I plan on blogging this journey. There's just not enough awareness and stories out there for peope like us. There are a few facebook groups that I found very helpful, find them! It's nice to have a community of people that understand what you're going through. Thank you for your comment, and I wish you happy eye health!


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