week 29 recap || 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I have had the most productive week!  Last weekend we spent several hours getting a room in our apartment organized to be my new studio.  This room is the largest room in our apartment and it's amazing!  I have "stations" setup for different needs.  Like a filming space, a dedicated photography space, Etsy order packaging, etc.  This has shaved off so much time and I'm able to create so much quicker.

This week I filmed 2 videos for you guys and they're both already edited and uploaded:

I'm really excited about the setup I have for filming.  I'm still adjusting to using natural lighting [large windows in there] instead of my lights, so the lighting might vary for a little while.

This week I had a blog post go live at Sweet Stamp Shop.  It also went live here yesterday.  I teach you how to make a cute easy shaker gift card holder.  I FINALLY picked up a fuse tool so I'm finding all of the things to fuse, haha!

This weekend I put summer clips on clearance in my Etsy shop.  Making room for the fall release! So be sure to check out the clips and get yourself a good discount.

I plan on having my Fall Release the 8th of August.  Definitely keep your eye out for that.

This week I started a new series, Weight Watchers Wednesday.  I'm going to be sharing my weekly experience on WW.  Here's the planner I made to track everything in.  I LOVE the WW app, but I wanted a planner that I can look back at easily and flip through.

Once again this week I used a Sherri Baldy digital stamp in my planner.  I just love them, so very cute.  Next week I'll be shaking it up though and doing something different.  So be keeping an eye on that!

||Let's Be Friends||

If you're not already following me on social media, you should!  I've added some additional profiles, and another YouTube channel [think WW and vlogging] is coming soon.

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  1. I really want a fuse tool too =]

    1. I got mine at Michael's with a coupon. Was very cheap. No regrets!


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