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Friday, July 22, 2016

It's Sweet Stamp Shop time again!  Today's post is the recent blog post I did featured at the Sweet Stamp Shop blog.


Hello!  Emilee here and today I'm going to show you how I make quick and easy shaker gift card holders.  You will need a fuse tool, confetti [sequins, chip board pieces, beads, etc], Sticky Sweet stickers and/or stamps, page protector, paper trimmer or scissors, and your gift card.

I'm making a shaker card holder for a Starbucks gift card, so I chose the Sticky Sweet sticker sheet "Coffee" and the stamp set "Cuppa Coffee".  I also grabbed Sticky Sweet "Bubble" to stamp coffee sentiments onto from the stamp set.

Measure out how much of the page protector you will need to create the proper size for the card.  We're putting EVERYTHING into the shaker card so you'll want to leave plenty of room in it.  I sealed off 3 sides and left the top open for now.

Next I added my Sticky Sweet stickers where I'd like them to be directly on the front of the page protector.  You can color your stickers prior to placing them if you'd like.  I waited until after I placed them because I wanted to see all the colors of the confetti inserted before I decided on colors for the stickers.

Slip your gift card in and make sure you're happy with the alignment of it.  I wanted mine to kind of angle inside the shaker card.

Start placing all your "guts" into the shaker card.  I chose some purple, silver, and yellow sequin confetti because I liked the colors with the green on the card.  Plus, the stars kind of simulate the reward stars you receive in the Starbucks app!

Once you have everything where you want it, seal off the top with your fuse tool.  I also used my paper trimmer once more to trim the sides closer to the seam.  Now you have a fun shaker card with a gift inside!  You could do this with a lot of different Sticky Sweet stickers and Sweet stamps.  Like, you could use the "Yum" sticker sheet with a restaurant gift card of your choice.  You could use the "Stinky" sticker sheet for a Home Depot card for a quick house warming gift.  "Dog & Cat" Sticky Sweet would be super cute with a pet store gift card for new pet owners.  The possibilities are truly endless with what you could create.  

I’d love to see the daily pages you come up with!  Be sure to tag us in your Instagram pictures @SweetStampShop and also myself @Emilee_Speaks.
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