5 Fandom Friday: Character's I Would Name My Kids [Pets] After

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I know, I know... I'm a day late [again].  Better late than never though right?  Ahah.  I've had so much awesome stuff happening that has kept me crazy busy.  [Liiiiike have you seen my etsy shop?]  I love every minute of it!  You know I prefer to be busy over having nothing to do.  Nothing to do... There's no such thing!  There's ALWAYS something you can find that needs done.

Anyway, this week's 5 Fandom Friday is Character's I Would Name My Kids After.  What a fun prompt we have this week!  I have a 16yo and even though I'm still young I'm totally done with having babies.  My 1 kiddo is enough lol.
So I'll make my list be what I'd name my pets.

||1} Quorra: I'm starting with her because I already have a cat named after her!  I loved this character and how badass she was.  My Quorra was sick as a kitten and had a rough start.  I gave her a strong badass name so that she would be a fighter.  She was.  Now she's strong and dominates her sister.

||2} Luna: Why? Because it's an adorable name and she was a fun quirky character.  I could definitely see me naming a pup Luna.

||3} Adipose: Hear me out... I know that it's gross but THEY'RE adorable and it's a fun word "Adipose".  Can you imagine saying "Adipose, no!  Put that down!" ahahah

||4} Olivia Benson: Uhhh because she's a total badass.  I'm literally in love with this character/woman.

||5} Sirius: No explanation needed.

What 5 characters would you name your kids or pets after?

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