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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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It's Monday morning, you're trying to wake up and get motivated for your day.  Sometimes it's incredibly hard to do.  I know you know what I'm talking about.  Today I'm going to share my fool-proof way to get you up and moving!


Science has proven that music affects our moods.  What better way to boost your mood by listening to an awesome playlist!  I have made a playlist for you of some of my favorite "good mood" songs.  These songs range from awesome, to silly, to motivational.  I find that sometimes the silly "guilty pleasure" songs are the BEST mood boosters!

If you've been a reader of this blog for awhile, you know that I love a very wide range of music.  This playlist is proof of that!  Music is a staple in my day.  I wake up at 6am and don't stop until after midnight [#entrepreneurproblems am I right?!].  If I didn't have music and copious amounts of coffee, I just wouldn't make it.  Since music is so important to me and my productivity, I have to have the most efficient way to enjoy it.  

I don't always work in my home office.  Sometimes I work in the living room.  Sometimes I'll run to the park.  I have to have a great set of headphones [no earbuds for this girl], and an awesome bluetooth portable speaker.

The Infinity One Portable Bluetooth speaker by Harman really caught my eye.  Harman is synonymous with quality audio.  I'm really loving this speaker!  It's portable, but sturdy and made well.  My laptop speakers are *crap* and I need loud music.  That's part of getting motivated with music... turn up!  I blast my playlist, dance around a little bit, make my coffee, and wake my body up.  It's THE BEST way to start your day, and the Infinity One speaker gives me that!

Infinity by Harman has an awesome fun little quiz to take on their website that tells you YOUR sound style.  It only takes a minute to complete, and if you're a music lover, you must to take it!  My Sound Style was: Sonic Sophisticate 
You're the driver - whenever your friends are headed somewhere you offer up your wheels.  And to be the perfect auto host you not only curate the hottest playlists, you make sure each song is digitally mastered.  It's also why you have the best sound system on four wheels.

My playlist paired with the Infinity One by Harman bluetooth speaker [and coffee... always coffee] has been a life saver!  I urge you to give it a try!  I guarantee your day will start out so much better and you'll be much more productive!  There's a giveaway right now that you can enter to WIN your very own Infinity One bluetooth speaker!

Harman Infinity One Portable Speaker - 5 winners!

Now you have my secret mood boosting playlist!  What's your favorite playlist to get motivated and started on your day?

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  1. Coffee is a must with a good mood playlist, it just gives you that extra pep, doesn't it? This is such a wonderful compilation of songs it makes me want to hit the digital music store right now! #client

  2. Number 11, you need to add a 'P' to make it "Rappers". As it is, that is a different sort of song...

  3. Omg are you serious! You like Rock Me Amadeus as well, i havent found anyone else who likes it =]

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