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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I'm a little late getting around to checking out the Dollar Tree this year for fall items. Luckily my store still had lots to choose from. While I was there I also grabbed new Halloween stuff, but we won't talk about Halloween today.  I love how the Dollar Tree has really stepped up their game with their seasonal decor. They had some really adorable festive items and I spent about $20 on fall & Halloween stuff. 

I love decorating my home for holidays and seasons. My biggest seasonal decor storage bin is the one that houses fall & Halloween stuff. After this years new stuff, I'm going to have to get a new bin and separate fall from Halloween. I love decorating for Christmas, but I super duper love decorating for fall & Halloween.

The beauty of finding pieces at the Dollar Tree is you can mix it with your more expensive decor to really bulk up what you have. And if it doesn't last after the season, you only spent a dollar! However, I still have Dollar Tree items from 4 years ago. As long as you pack it up nice, you won't have any issues.

Let's get into the haul!


The first thing I put in my cart was this adorable sign.  It's like a particle board type material with neutral twine to hang it from.  I love the colors in it and how it brings the best of fall into one sign.  It's technically more of a November 'Thanksgiving' decor piece, but I'll likely go ahead and put it up with my regular September fall decor.

These lights are ADORABLE.  I'll be doing a mason jar DIY with these (expect that post soon).  They require 2 AA batteries which I also picked up at the Dollar Tree.  I immediately came home and put the batteries in to test them, and they work and they're beautiful!  I'm super excited about this find.

I watch a lot of Dollar Tree decor videos on YouTube and these burlap pumpkins were all the rage.  I was actually pretty surprised to find them at my store still.  I have a lot of pumpkins.  A lot.  I needed more pumpkins like I need a hole in the head, but I love them so much.  And I don't discriminate with style when it comes to pumpkins.  I have 'glam' pumpkins with studs and crystals, I have traditional style pumpkins, anything and everything.  Some may think that's a decorating nightmare, and maybe it is aha.  I don't care.  I love pumpkins!

More pumpkins... Okay so these might be a little ugly.  But I loved them!  The white one is super adorable and I didn't want to buy it without a matching friend.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with them just yet, but I'll figure it out.  I literally came straight home and took pictures before having a plan for anything.  Don't you think the white one is cute?  I'm not sold on the green one yet, but I had to have it anyway.  Re: Pumpkin obsession.

I have a beautiful doorknob hanger like this for Christmas that I purchased at the Dollar Tree several years ago.  I was excited today to see a fall one!  It's already on my front door... it got put there as soon as this picture was taken.  I love the twine, the ribbon, and the brown bells.  So fall'ish.

Last but not least: more pumpkins. I warned you! I love pumpkins! These are actually pretty gorgeous in person.  They're beaded and one is bronze, one is orange, and one is golden yellow. I haven't decided if I'm going to paint the stems on these or not.  I probably will paint the stems on the burlap pumpkins white. I don't think these would look as good that way though. Once again, we'll see what I end up doing when it comes down to it. 

That's my fall Dollar Tree decor haul. I'll be doing some DIYs with a few of these pieces, and some will stay the same. I'll post all DIYs I end up doing, and once everything is complete and the full apartment is decorated, I'll do a Fall Decor Home Tour. The home tour will likely have an accompanying YouTube video.

Thank you so much for checking out my Fall Dollar Tree decor haul. I'm so excited that fall is almost here and I'm so ready!


  1. I love the lights! I need to get out and start picking up some stuff myself!

    1. The lights are really pretty. I only grabbed one package of them because I wasn't sure if they'd look too cheap or not. Now I might go back and get more! =)


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