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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The following is a post I did for Sweet Stamp Shop.  It's featured on their blog today as well, so hop over there and give them some love!


Today we're going to talk about creating your own daily pages for your planner.  This is such a fun way to get some stamping practice in an efficient and productive way.  You aren't stamping directly into your planner so there's no stress if you mess up.  All you need is your stamps, ink, a hole punch, paper [I used cardstock], and a paper trimmer.  Simply trim your piece of paper down to fit whatever planner size you have and punch holes.  Then have fun creating a layout with your stamps!

I chose black ink for mine because I am working on practicing shading with colored pencils.  By using the black ink I'm basically creating a coloring page for myself!  You can use colored ink if you'd prefer.  I just enjoy being able to play with my pages and try different coloring techniques.

I definitely wanted to use the new tracker stamps from the June release.  The new tracker stamp sets are phenomenal and have a multitude of tracking capabilities.  The separate daily page we're making can be beneficial for health and wellness tracking.  This way the personal information isn't on your actual planner pages.

For my daily pages I created sections for:
Top Priority
Workout Completed
Emails/Calls to make
Tasks for tomorrow
Tasks for the week
Lunch & Dinner plans
Water tracking
Anxiety Level tracking

I'd love to see the daily pages you come up with!  Be sure to tag us in your Instagram pictures @SweetStampShop and also myself @Emilee_Speaks.  Also, the new tracker stamp sets are available in the shop!

Happy Planning!
xo Emilee


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