adorn your iPhone [January 2016]

Monday, January 11, 2016

This month I was inspired by the icy blue colors from Paper and Glam.  For those of you unfamiliar with Paper and Glam, it is a blog/shop/YouTube channel ran by the lovely Lisamarie.  Lisamarie has pretty much perfected the art of living seasonally.  She has developed a planner system that is all designed around living seasonally.  This month's color is a beautiful light blue that is indicative of a wintry month.  Since I follow Lisamarie and her "life-lists", this color was already my groove for the month.  So I knew when setting up my phone for January, this would be my color theme.

I chose the same image for both my lock screen and my home screen this month.  I wanted a simple transition visually when unlocking my phone.  January is a month full of plans, goals, and simplifying.  I brought those 3 aspects to my phone for January.

Once again, I left my icons as stock icons this month.  I have a to-do list a mile long of things I want to accomplish this month to set me up for a more productive year.  I chose to not spend too much time "prettifying" my home screen.  I brought the cute snowy wallpaper from the lock screen to my home screen as well.  I love the lighter shade of blue that my folders turned with this wallpaper.  Very very January!

My folders and apps are the same as last month.  I think I have my folders in a way that is most efficient for me at this time.  I like having my "EmileeSpeaks" folder for all my blog & etsy apps right on the main home page.  I did add the app "MailChimp".  I use MailChimp for my blog's monthly newsletter AND for my Clip Club members.  

My annual "What to expect this year..." blog post will be coming soon.  Like I previously mentioned, I've been working super hard prepping myself for the new year.  I'll explain more on that at a later time though.

This is year 3 for the "Adorn Your Phone" series.  I have big plans for this series this year as well.  Thanks for reading! 

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