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Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Running a business is hard work.  I work from 8am to almost midnight some days.  My day has to flow as efficiently as possible, or I'd never accomplish anything.  Today I'm going to share with you my tips and daily tasks that help me run the most efficient online business that I can.

While my business is based online, I'm actually a very analog person.  I need tangible lists, folders, invoices, and planners.  Can all of these things be housed digitally?  Sure they can, but that's not how I operate.  I need a physical daily to-do list that I can physically cross off.  I need physical file folders that I can put actual paper invoices and receipts into.  And it's no secret I keep a physical planner for organizing my life.

One of the most important tools for helping me stay not only organized in my business, but actually help me create perfect packaging for my orders is my DYMO LabelWriter® 450.  I purchased my DYMO LabelWriter® 450 with a value bundle pack at  This thermal printer has been a game changer for me and my business.  Be sure to go check back every week for Staples Daily Deals for special deals on your favorite DYMO LabelWriter® products including DYMO LabelWriter® 450 Bundle, LabelWriter® 450 Turbo, and LabelWriter® 4XL Turbo!  The DYMO LabelWriter® 450 Turbo is great for printing USPS postage right from your computer with no monthly fee needed.  It prints at high speed and takes the LabelWriter® 450 to another level with printing up to 71 labels a minute.

I use the DYMO LabelWriter® 450 thermal printer to quickly make labels for my product packaging.  Talk about efficiency!  Etsy shops are known for their attention to detail with packaging.  Gone are the days of printing out full sheet labels on my inkjet printer.  That was costly due to the price of the labels and the ink.  Plus it can take forever when you're trying to print a lot of labels at a time.

On my packaging labels I put my shop name, my shop url, my blog url, my Instagram username, and my YouTube channel.  This puts my social media info directly into the hands of my customers and encourages them to follow me creating a better relationship between us.

One of my most productive tools I created was my folder system.  It's a form of the infamous 43 File Folder System.  This folder system is my life line.  If you're not familiar with the system I did a post about it in January, but I've since altered some of the ways I use it.  My etsy business is growing quickly and I have orders to make nearly every single day of the week.  With the help of my DYMO LabelWriter® 450 I was able to create new labels for my folder system.

I have 12 folders labeled January thru December.  Then I have 31 folders that are labeled 1 thru 31.  At the start of each business week I print out my order receipts from customers.  I then place them into the corresponding folder of the day of the week I will be making their orders.  Every single morning after I've completed my morning routine, I sit down with a cup of coffee and my folder for the day.  Today's folder is 12 since it's the 12th day of the month.  I also place reminders or written to-do lists into the daily folders.  This keeps me from inserting too many items into my planner and making it bulkier than it already is.

The DYMO LabelWriter® Value Bundle Pack comes with 4 different rolls of labels to get you started.  The thermal printer also comes with DYMO Label™ software which is incredibly user friendly.  I was able to whip up my label designs in no time.  The DYMO LabelWriter® 450 lets you print crystal clear bar codes, labels, and graphics with 600x300 dpi resolution.  You also have the option to create custom labels from 60+ label styles and layouts!  Being a thermal printer you eliminate the need for expensive ink or toner.  This is a huge plus for me.  The DYMO LabelWriter® 450 is primarily available online, however it's available in some stores so be sure to check the store locator.

I also utilize the DYMO LabelWriter® 450 to create coupon code labels to include in my packaging.  I can easily customize the coupon per order by printing one label specifically for a customer, or printing a bunch of labels for all customers.  This isn't a luxury you have with your inkjet printer and full sheet labels.

Coupon codes are a necessity to getting repeat business.  Show your customers that you're willing to go the extra mile and that you appreciate their business!  They will be more likely to repurchase from you.  This is a quick efficient way to promote yourself.

♥Have a daily routine:  This is vital!  If you start each day running around not knowing what you're doing next, you're setting yourself up for failure.
♥Plan and organize everything:  Chaos can ensue quickly in your office.  Make sure that everything has a home and it gets put back.  You can't operate efficiently if you can't find what you need to do your job.
♥Eat:  This may seem silly but you'd be surprised at how many people get so busy they forget to eat.  I was this way in the beginning.  I'd skip breakfast in a hurry to get my work day started.  Now I start each day with a balanced breakfast and schedule a lunch time for myself.  If you're hungry, you're not going to be at your best.
♥Know when to bring in help:  This is a struggle among most entrepreneurs.  We tend to take on the attitude of "I can do it all".  Well some times you just can't.  I recently had an incredibly large order with a very time sensitive deadline.  I told myself that I could do it all on my own.  I couldn't.  The final week I checked my pride at the door and enlisted help.
♥Sleep:  Due to my family's schedules, I don't get the recommended 8hrs of sleep a night.  It's just not feasible.  If you are able to, DO IT!  Being sluggish is the worst productivity killer of them all.  Since I am unable to get a normal full night of sleep, I take an afternoon nap every single day.  I wouldn't be able to get everything done if I didn't.
♥Batch work:  Have specific days of the week that you complete specific tasks.  For example: with all of my hats [blog, youtube, etsy, etc] I have a lot of tasks each week to complete.  So I spend one day taking photos & editing.  Then another day writing or filming.  I ship 2 days a week so that I'm not running to the post office daily.  If you tried to do a little of everything each day, you'll get a whole lot of nothing completed.
♥Create stations:  In my home office I have "stations" setup.  There's a section of the room that is devoted to making orders.  All of my supplies are in that section at that desk.  Then I have another section in my office setup for packaging.  And another section setup as a studio for filming and photography.  With everything always setup in its own section, I never have to drag stuff out or spend time putting stuff away. 

This is how I run my business efficiently and smoothly.  The DYMO LabelWriter® 450 has been a huge help in achieving this.  What is your business?  How can the DYMO LabelWriter® 450 help you run your business more efficiently?

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  1. Emilee this was a very good post! I have one of the brother label printers but unfortunately since I use a mac it doesn't work with a mac to print postage. I have thought about buying this Dymo and now I am really thinking about it cause you shared a lot of great ideas for using it. Thank you!
    Deb (Craftin' Chaos)

    1. Thank you! I just love this printer! It's so easy to use and just makes everything look so professional.

  2. I need to incorporate some of your efficiency tips! There are days when I just spin my wheels because I have too much to do, but getting organized makes a huge difference. #client


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