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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yes you read that right... the days of Adorn Your Android are over.  I crossed over to the other side!  There were many decisions that went into my choice to abandon the Android interface and go with iPhone.  If you'd like me to go into that in another post, let me know in the comments and I'll be glad to do so!

I now have the iPhone 6s Plus in Gold.  Setup took me awhile to get figured out, it's a bit different than Android obviously.  I honestly haven't had a bunch of time to work on the layout since I purchased the phone several weeks ago.  I've been super duper busy hand making 4600 special order paper clips for The Planner Society subscription box!  My whole life for the last month and a half has been devoted to making these clips.  I'm finished and getting caught up on blogging & YouTube.

This is the lock screen wallpaper I chose for November.  I felt it was incredibly fitting for the month.  I took to Pinterest to find wallpapers for my new phone.  You can view my phone wallpaper board here.

This wallpaper was found on this blog but was apparently originally from Cuptakes.

I absolutely fell in love with this wallpaper.  It screams falls and I adore the wood panels.  I know I found this wallpaper by looking through images on Pinterest.  However, I didn't pin it, so I have NO idea where it is from.  I'm sorry...

Since I've been so incredibly busy, I haven't had time to really setup my folders and icons in a way that makes me happy.  This was the best I could muster up in the middle of the month of thousands of paper clip making haha.  I'm still in the phase of downloading apps that I had forgot I needed.  I promise next month's adorn your iPhone series installment will be better.  I just really felt guilty that I haven't been able to post much on here lately.

 photo http---signaturesmylivesignaturecom-54492-222-8414E474F531BA8FE9016BBE25E32639_zps8349804b.png

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