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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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I've been out of shape for a very long time.  I blame church ladies... No seriously hear me out, aha!  My mother died in April of 2000 [I was a teenager].  Up until that point I wasn't an "emotional eater".  However, when mom passed away, the wonderful ladies from my parent's church kept my father and I well fed with amazing food.  That was the beginning of a very unhealthy decade for myself.  Finding motivation to get fit after many years of frankly, "not caring" was difficult.

There came a point though when I realized I'm only getting older, more out of shape, and more unhealthy.  This was only hurting myself.  So I decided to make a change.  I've learned a lot since then about health, fitness, and overall wellness.  It's a journey and through that journey I've learned ways to keep myself motivated.  Today I'm going to share those ways with you!

||1} Music:  This may seem obvious but it's so IMPORTANT!  Music has a way of changing your mood, uplifting you, and motivating you!  Make a playlist of songs that get you moving.  Everyone is different and enjoy different genres.  Pick what works for YOU.  If you don't want to take the time to curate your own playlist, Pandora has a whole bunch of workout stations in many different music genres.  There's something for everyone there!

||2} Read:  Fitness books, magazines, and blogs.  There's so much information out there on healthy eating, exercises, and wellness.  Educating yourself on the importance of working out and living a healthy lifestyle is crucial.  It'll help you gain the desire to treat your body the best that you can.

||3} Log Your Progress:  Keeping written documentation of everything you've done on your journey is a major motivator.  I keep track of my goals, weight & measurements, food logs, and workout logs.  I'm VERY partial to written documentation over tracking on your phone.  For me it's much easier to flip through and I know I won't lose my information.  I work in I.T., I love electronics, but I don't always trust them... ahaha!

||4} Track Your Steps:  There's several ways to do this as it has become very popular.  It's become popular because it works!  It quickly advances to an obsessive game you create with yourself.  You have motivation to reach those 10,000 steps and you'll do things to reach that goal that you wouldn't normally do.  Like parking farther away in a parking lot just to get more steps.  More steps is more activity and exercise.  Every little bit makes a big difference.

||5} Ready To Drink Protein Shakes:  I love lifting weights!  I won't talk about how beneficial weight lifting is for women, but you should research it.  When you're lifting weights it's incredibly important to up your protein intake.  Protein is vital for working out because it helps your muscles recover and grow.  There are many many ways to incorporate this protein into your day, but one of my favorite ways is with a ready to drink protein shake.  I keep them in my kitchen for when I need to just grab and go.  I love their convenience!  My favorite is EAS Myoplex in Chocolate Fudge!

One afternoon while flipping through a women's health magazine, I kept seeing ads for the brand EAS.  EAS is known for their low-carb products to accompany a healthy lifestyle.  I decided while at Wal-Mart that I'd give the EAS Myoplex Ready to Drink Protein Shakes a try.  I found them in the Pharmacy section of Wal-Mart.  The EAS Myoplex Ready to Drink Protein Shakes come in Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry Cream, French Vanilla, Rich Dark Chocolate, and Cookie & Cream.

EAS Myoplex Ready to Drink Protein Shakes are a great source of protein.  They're convenient and easy to fit into your daily activities.  With complete nutrition and 42g of protein, this is the perfect companion to your healthy lifestyle.  EAS Myoplex helps build muscle, recover from workouts, and sustain existing muscle tone.  My son is a senior in high school this year and he's even enjoying the EAS Myoplex as an accompaniment to his own workouts.

Finally: The best way to stay motivated is to get the whole family [or your besties] on board.  Hold each other accountable.  Do fun active things together!  Walk to the park, go for a hike, ride bikes, enroll in a workout class, etc.  Around here even the CAT wants to be involved with workout time!  Seriously though... anyone else have this problem?  You get the yoga mat out and instantly the pets are in your way and wanting to join you?!

Transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle is a journey and a progress.  I've made progress and I have a lot more progress to make.  I'm so happy that I made that decision to be the best version of me I can be.  The journey isn't easy but it's nice to have convenient & nutritious products like EAS Myoplex to accompany me on the ride!

What are your motivation tips that keep you on track with your fitness goals?

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  1. OMG YES! As soon as I bust out the yoga mat, my dog takes it as her cue to sniff my butt for an hour. It's really annoying, and she's not exactly a small dog either. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the problem! :) #client


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