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Saturday, August 1, 2015

One of my favorite ways to listen to music is to find playlists on the Google Play Music service.  I like to find random mixes.  I found this one when finding playlists to listen to while on a road trip this month.  I'm a sucker for most 90s music anyway, but these 2 genres in one playlist is awesome.

HOWEVER, I was confused on why they called it 90s RnB because all of the RnB on this list were from all different decades.  AWESOME songs, but not 90s music.  It made it a pleasant surprise though when listening.  As a music lover, I had to verbally tell the radio that no "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye did not come out in the 90s ahah!

Here's a list of my favorite songs from the playlist:

||1} Hard Knock Life- Jay Z
||2} It's All About the Benjamins- Puff Daddy & The Family
||3} Ruff Ryders' Anthem- DMX
||4} Hypnotize- The Notorious B.I.G.
||5} No One- Alicia Keys
||6} Kiss- Prince
||7} Let's Stay Together- Al Green
||8} Waterfalls- TLC
||9} Superstition- Stevie Wonder
||10} Lost Ones- Lauryn Hill

So yeah... as you can see the RnB was all over the place as far as decades go, but it was all great music!  It was a nice mix of 90s rap and random awesome RnB music!

What did you most listen to in July?
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