diy paper bow pattern for paper clips

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I've been promising to get this post to you guys for awhile now... HERE IT IS!  I've had several questions over the last year about my paper bow paper clips.  The one you see in this photo was actually a double sided, pre-cut, kit from JoAnn.  However, I have made LOTS of these on my own!  I have a ton of them because once you get started, it's hard to stop making them.  I make a different one each week to match my pages.

I made a pattern and instruction printable here for you to download and print off.  It's super simple.  All you need is some pretty paper, a glue stick or other quick drying adhesive, a paper clip, and a glue gun.  I think at this point, most of us have these laying around!

You'll need to view this image in it's full size, then you can save it and print it.  You can also scale it different sizes to make your bows different sizes.  I like a good big bow sticking out the top of my planner though, so mine are larger.

I hope you enjoy them!  Please share with me on Instagram if you make them!  I'd love to see it!  #emileespeaks and tag me @emilee_speaks

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